Safaricom home fibre

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I stream series just fine, movies mimi huona on the big screen. Youtube, podcast, vimeo, Spotify, Google play music stream fine without buffering. Downloading movies take me like ten mins. Serves me fine juu am alone but if you have a family get more than that

Stable 5mbps kama ya saf can stream 1080p, I’m sure utaniambia story ya 4k, what % of your time do you watch 4k?

I’m contemplating whether to engage you in a mudslinging contest or not. Stand by.

I stream US and UK channels online and also upload heavy work files when working with remote clients. This is why I require very fast and stable internet.

Go for it. I use the 10mbps.i am your neighbour. DSTV niliwachana nayo around June. No extra charges. If you opt for 5mbps, 2500 is all you will pay every month.

You never disappoint baby gal.

I stream football from my own server, hapana tambua lags. Upload speeds are the same to download speeds

Don’t tell me you endorse such rude and demeaning remarks.

:smiley: thank you hun

Tell me more about this “server” of yours and how I can make my own

I’m using the 5mbps na iko fine thank you. Ongezea Mobdro na unasahau story za kupeleka kunguru sijui Imax

C’mon…you know she didn’t start it. She gave out a polite invite.

Hii ndio kazi ya @Amused aka @Nattychieth

Umbwa, I normally ignore you but since you’ve mentioned me…

Do people realize that their speed is limited by # of users? Safcom uses shared lines if I am not wrong, and if the traffic is busy, even 50mbps will slow down to 1.

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10 mbps ya zuku works very fine.