Safaricom Home Fibre: This is what impunity looks like

They started off so well and the home internet looked very promising. The speeds were exactly as advertised.

Today, Safaricom home internet speed is the worst. One can never get better than 1Mbps.

If you are thinking about getting the service, don’t bother until they fix this.

During the day it’s worse.yaani Mimi hugonjea hadi midnight ndio I doo heavy work that requires net


I even stopped recommending it. Chukua tu kma unalipia 20Mbps+

Watu waende kwa Mbugua. Yeye ndiye wholesaler ya Internet.

Hio ni kwaida ya ISPs. They’re no different from drug dealers. When you sign up they’ll even over-deliver so that you sing their praises. A few months down the line, when they know they have you hooked, that’s when the abuse will begin.

im on the 10mbps and i get this


Wah! My phone gets better speeds and I do not pay 2500 per month.

incognito mode pale

Kumbe sko pekee. It’s the shittiest internet around. When you call them, they claim there are so many underground processes going on. From torrents to Netflix yet I dont use any of those.

Kwani watu wanaishi wapi…my fibre always delivers 10Mbps…but I did notice when downloading heavy on one device, internet is unavailable for others…

Yesterday,just yesterday. I got them installing this home fibre somewhere in Valley Arcade.
They installer could not wait to get out of the house even before the modem came on line. They could not provide a username or password.(my previous experience saw them asking me what username and password I want)
Their mates in the office finally text some shitty username and password.
Biggest problem was that even though the system showed that I was connected,I could not access the internet. Calling them was no help.

The sad this is that despite me telling them that I will disconnect their services from three other residences,nothing was done.
I am still bila net which is central to my hustle.
Kesho,unless something happens,nawaita wake wachukue vitu zao…


saf wanaweza jua ukifanya hivi?

This indeed is the solution. Activating QoS through a different router then assigning different programs eg Netflix, skype etc different bandwidth.

To bypass that you need to buyvanother router

Of late kuna some new router updates whete they have disabled more settings

so afadhali hio form ya brian? naona niki buy router kufanya hivyo, hii itaweza? naona ikona bandwidth control.


Itabidi utumie hiyo method ya Brian Njenga

I have also noticed that when downloading from telegram all other devices and web pages disconnect

i think niliona pahali ukisema you are now your own isp, how did you go about that?