Safaricom Hinders Content Consumption

You all know that in today’s society, several people own smart 4K TVs. Ownership is made possible due to tech trickle-down to cheap TV models. If you buy a smart TV worth at least 50K, you are most likely to consider a 4k option. 4K panel allows one to watch crispy-clear content, primarily if the TV supports HDR.

Many people also have Netflix subscriptions, especially in areas with FTTH (mostly Saf or JTL). However, many end up streaming content in 720p or 1080p, not by choice, but because that is what their internet can handle. Safaricom can change the situation due to its infrastructure and money.

Safaricom has made it impossible for many to enjoy content due to the high cost of its subscription. Streaming 4K content requires at least 25Mb/s. However, Safaricom sells 20Mb/s for 6k. You need to pay ksh11k to enjoy 4K content on Netflix or YouTube. Many might think that 11k for 40Mb/s is reasonable, but let’s investigate how much other more developed (read “expensive”) countries offer.

In the UK, Vodafone (Safaricom’s dad) charges 56 pounds (ksh7000) for a 900Mb/s…plus Apple TV subscription (it is a 24-month contract). In the US, the average cost of a fibre link is $70 (ksh7000) for 1000Mb/s (AT&T and Verizon). In India, 4000 rupees (5000ksh) will get you 1Gb/s plus free voice (Jio).

Safaricom is making billions in profits, not because of excellence, but due to extortion in a country with a per capita of a mere $2000. It is abusing its dominance, which is unacceptable.


The government should enact laws that ensure minimum consumer broadband is 20Mb/s, just like several other countries. Selling 5Mb/s for $20 should be a crime in 2020!

Bado hatujamulika DSTV’s extortion, you can compare its plans with beIN Sports*

Unakunywa? Na buy…

Hii kitu ni ujinga. Area yetu 5Mbps is 3k. If i start paying for fiber connection it’ll be because I want to stream 4k purely. Nothing else. Just 4k. But since I’ll need to pay at least 15k to stream 4k na nalipwa 3k a month, I’d rather be downloading. Faiba naskia hao hukuanga 30Mbps at 5k but kudownload ata GIF ya 2 mb shida sana. Mimi I’ll stick to Telkom 5GB at 39. Nadownlaod 4k movies zangu every night bila stress.

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Sasa wewe? Utafuatana na mimi hadi lini?? Huna akili yaani?

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Safcom ni :meffi::meffi:

Unadownload aje torrent Mimi Telkom inanikanyagia waya banae

Tafta torent to direct download converter sites kama na zingine. Just download the torrent file and you’ll have your file ready to download in seconds at the highest speeds. But account lazma iwe premium

How TF is a 4k movie < 5gb ?

720p inachezeanga 600mb-1GB depending on the length. 1080 ni 1-2 GB. 4k ni 2-4GB. Unless you are still watching mp4 264 files. Tulihamia HEVC/265 mkv files.

Telkom 5gb at 39bob iko faster sana. I tried it Jana nikaweka Hotspot kwa phone nikaconnent laptop. I was surprised vile speeds Ziko top notch. I downloaded 4gb torrent files chapchap.

Bro tumia IDM kudownload ukitumia telkom. Jana nimedowload files za 4gb teketeke kwa Ile offer yao ya 5gb 39bob from midnight to 6am.

Thats what Ive been surviving on for two years now

I watch 4K quality on Netflix with just 10 mbps Safaricom Silver package.


In some cases you can because of bitrate difference. Netflix [U]recommends[/U] at least 25Mb/s for 4k, but each UHD file has different bitrate.

There one thing you guys don’t consider isp connection to local servers is very cheap sometimes even free,to understand wy vodafone have such cheap internet plans we have to consider the following factors,first of all most multimedia content is hosted on cdn servers,which are located on this developed countries UK being one of them,so connection between vodafone and this cdn’s can be termed as local connection (which is cheaper),so vodafone can afford to offer such cheap plans as compared to safaricom which has to pay for the international bandwidth used,secondary kuna issue na supply and demand,optical cables connecting kenya to the world can’t handle all that extra traffic generated wen there’s lots of streaming ,services lazima zikue expe juu resources are limited,lastly kuna issue na tax,gava inakula sana

There is a limited info when it comes to Kenya but there are local CDNs

Safaricom [U]owns 32% of TEAMS Kenya[/U], the largest shareholder…and this cable is yet to reach capacity.

How much do they pay?

Can you please cite your info for clarity? speculation is not okay in this argument.

Amazon webs services are the largest cdn providers and thy don’t have servers in kenya that means most content we consume come from outside country

,as for tax in 2018 the government increased taxes for data by
10 to 15% on top of wat was being taxed before,article ziko pale net

As for TEAMs,its theoretical capacity tops at 40Gb/s thas only enough to serve like 8000~5Mb/s customers en don’t forget saf only owns 30%, so the available bandwidth is far less than 40