Safaricom have never given up on this thing?

In 2018 and those prices, this is a joke. People are moving towards FTA. Others have Internet TVs with cheaper Internet. While others have Mobdro on their phones. Why should I buy a TV gadget for 10k. Then pay 3,500 per month for 30GB?? On the other hand a pocket size faiba gadget costs 5k and with 3k I get 70GB per month!!! Funny thing is that their Masoko website is selling an Android TV box at 4k.

Ever since I bought my faiba sim 3 months ago, sijawahi zima internet. Safaricom should focus on their core- Mpesa.


Telkom looks like it will knock out Safaricom

Soma ile story ya nyakundi how people made millions na safaricoms bigbox. Some of these nonsensical promotions za safaricom are fronts for people wanting to make money illegally.

Safaricom gurus are not stupid, wanajua no one will buy this shit in Nairobi.

Someone told me you can use fibre on that internet box and that way you make your dumb tv to be a smart TV and I bet Safcom internet is faster and more reliable than faiba mifi, having said all that, I still believe that Safcom ni meffi tu.

Faiba watupee unlimited ya 3500 tumalize io story.

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@Okiya Safaricom bank on a large number of their consumer base not knowing what the competition has to offer.

Only if their services are reliable and fast and also if they have great customer care otherwise nobody will dethrone Safaricom anytime soon

Equitell waliendanga wapi?

They chose to stick with what they know best, which is banking…at least thats what I think

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