Safaricom: Expanding Carelessly Like a Pig

What is it with Safaricom investing on everythin? They started with Little Cab- I think ilikufa, That TV streaming site:Ooh Showmax-sijui kama bado iho sai sijui ni songambele ama nini. hata kamwa wako na pesa ya kutupa wamezidi

It may end up being to Kenya what GAZPROM is to Russia.

Would you mind elaborating on GAZPROM

Its Russia’s Oil and Gas company. It funds a significant chunk of the country’s budget/revenue. Anyone that tries to threaten its monopoly is taken down ruthlessly

i endorse this question.

Even Western European countries have to be in good terms with the company’s CEO. It supplies the EU with gas. Russia uses it to punish former Soviet states whenever they start drifting west by cutting off gas supplies to them or even tripling the prices they pay

I think their strategy is to diversify because the telecommunication industry is quite volatile. New technology may render the company obsolete. They have invested in fiber networks, ecommerce (masoko), taxi business, retail, and other small ventures.

Yep, they learned from Kodak. A new innovation may render it obsolete in less than five years

Are you a shareholder?
If not, keti ------------>> ungoje maoni ya waekezaji

Hapo kwa Kodak banaa, digital cameras were available in 1975, but people never bothered with them.


A disruptive technology is always lurking round the corner!

Calls were relegated by data as safcom’s biggest earner. Kidogo kidogo zuku started offering faiba at home. Even pubs have wifi. f you have home wifi you never buy bundles or ukinunua inakaa hata mwezi or two. It was only logical for them to launch faiba.

Na hii lolo ni nini?? asking for a friend

Safaricom are very smart and this just goes to show you why they are ahead of Airtel, Telekom etc.

While the rest of the networks are busy undercutting themselves and competing on price, they are always innovating and ahead of the curve.

lakini hiyo songa nonsense is dead before it even starts…The number of kenyans willing to pay to listen to local music is too damn few.

Really? Is that why Skiza tunes are so popular?


  1. How many kenyans do you know who stream music and pay for it at the same time?

Rosneft is the new kid on the block

Where would we be right now if safaricom wasn’t part of our economy in the last decade.

Almost all critics of safaricom preach economics of ulemavu. Punish them for being successful than their competitors. However the competition has a poor network, poor strategies and lacks innovation.

In this technological world business models are being redone. The best banks are technology firms. The best software firms run hospitals, hotels, transport networks etc. Safaricom has always planned ahead of time. Michael Joseph planted that seed. Do you know its HQs at Westlands is built on a leased land for 99 years. It was cheaper than buying it, justifiable since they knew in 99 years the world will be totally different and the company will have transformed severally. Mpesa followed. Skiza tunes paid a record 1.5 billion to artist last year. Their biggest source of income from any medium by a mile. MCSK paid out 50 million. Songa mbele is another venture to enhance it. They did the numbers with the data they have and made a decision. Little cabs is a joint effort. Showmax belongs to dstv, they provide the data link. Safaricom will continue to invest outside it core business to diversify its income and shareholders expects that to work in the long term.