Safaricom dividends

My fellow mbirionea investors, check your accounts ( mpesa for small fish like me :D:D). Safaricom is sending your way some lunch money today. I have already received mine


I regret selling my safcom shares… though i made a profit. Bought during the IPO @ 5/= ran into some financial issues and i had to sell them@ 9/=

Pia mimi nimepata a similar message…i have never increased my safaricom shareholding after the very first offer

Pesa kidogo sana.

:D:D Nyinyi ndio mnaitagwa small scale farmers… Mimi wananiekeaga 7k-9k

Very true…i bought my safcom and kengen shares nikiwa fourth year and have never bothered to increase them …time to reconsider

Hii ni pesa ya credit bana

Mimi hii imenitosha lunch hapa kangemi

Unakula nyama na ugali na unabaki na change ya chupa moja na fare

If you bought the shares during the IPO , I think this is the right time to cash out since the share price iko almost KSH 40 that is almost 8 times the amount you invested . Kuliko kungojea dividents Kila mwaka.

What other stocks would one buy and grow the investment 8X?

Hii mtaa ya Muthiga kuna ma heavy-weight

I sold my paltry 1400 shares when the price was 25 Bob in 2014 and used it to plant 700 cypress trees. Will compare the proceeds in 2025. Kadogo economy.