Safaricom Chairman fired


Safaricom already screwed up bigtime by relinquishing control in Safaricom Ethiopia. Saa hii Safaricom Ethiopia can compete directly with Safaricom Kenya because they don’t have enough control over that entity. I am sure they will regret that decision later.

Full story please. On this matter we don’t know much; we are lanye connoisseurs you know… a time usurping pastime

Safaricom ni ya wazungu, it’s like having a black CEO for Finlay’s. White shareholders do not believe nyeuthi has the brains, you will get very frustrated there

Safaricom Ethiopia: How Safaricom Shareholders Got Screwed - Business - Kenya Talk

Weka summary

I’m not your assistant kijana. Kama huwezi soma baki ivo

Basi kati kati ya hiyo text mingi weka picha ya wamama wa tea room na river road wenye matako na thighs kubwa… Ndio that text iwe palatable

Hutawai skia huo upuzi BAT

Social Media anasema huyo ni jabas sugu





Chairman wa Safaricom saa zote huwa mkenya, mweusi.

The short CEO should go fast… Nowadays mpesa messages take about 10 minutes to be delivered while on 4G

Hukusikia wakisema Bob was a white man with black skin

The former chairman was Michael Joseph you Bonobo

green projects is very lucrative - selling carbon credits to conglomerates, while bonobos praise your jiko okoa “invention”.

Hakuna lunch kubwa ya tender haggling suffering con

Hawa Wakikuyu wamemaliza safaricom. Wakwende kabisa