Safaricom CEO telling lies

The Safaricom CEO, Ndegwa, claims they do not share their subscribers’ locations with anyone, but that is not true.

Once, the police arrested me and held me for a few hours because I failed to pay someone on time. The person I owed did not know where I lived, and neither did the police. However, the officer in charge of the arrest claimed they had been tracing me for some time and eventually found me.


sasa wewe unakataa kulipana na unataka tukusikilie huruma? To the point of being traced by the po po at the creditor’s expense

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DCI has sophisticated triangulation software and hardware. They only deploy such if they really need to. Hata Musando wangetaka kujua which phone numbers were moving with him in the same direction the whole night wangejua. But I guess there was no political will. They do not need safcom. I guess huyo mtu wako aliwakanja muzuri. Hata saa hii ukitoroka unune line ingine with other details and start phoning your regular people it will take them a few days to realize there is a new number in the network of contacts na utakamatwa

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IMSI catcher?

What i don’t get though is how they track a specific phone number kama imsi catcher haijui iko wapi, because it has to be in range.

Not IMSI catcher. I know someone who was doing for them a contract in their Digital Forensics Lab. It is much more sophisticated. If DCI wants to catch you watakushika it only depends on what is in it for them or whether a more powerful individual is standing in their way.

This is problem of having shit between your two ears. Have I asked you for sympathy?

I delayed in making the payment as sikuwa nimepata pesa. This happens to us hustlers.

But that is not the point here. Read to understand, wewe nugu!

I see. So they do not need Safaricom’s help?

You can be tracked. We’ve done it for someone who stole some vehicles we had. Alishikwa na DCI pale oil libya westlands and taken all the way to Kisumu.

What is the amount in question?

Nunua simu second hand ilikua involved in robbery with violence ndio utajua DCI ni akina nani


When you have a cause to be arrested and there is some money involved or serious crime. The cops for example kasarani will get the records from dci office. The dci have privilege to ask for your safcom logs. Paying for rent and kplc tokens with mpesa makes the work so easy.


how about you use kabambe will they catch you

Kuna elder aliweka simu kwa parcel to namanga na yeye ameenda Uganda


triangulation. hizi kabambe za siku hizi ata are useless and still have some form of GPS. Plus kuna AI pia which sniffs your voice ID across any line you use or call, and any device you have ever put your registered sim card gets listed down…

Officer yyote wa DCI ako na access na data ya Safaricom customers saa zote akitaka.

Akiwa na phone number, Safaricom watampea zile devices io number hutumika, location ya izo devices, na zile simcard zengine hutumika kwa izo devices.

Io access haihitaji court order.

Ata ukizima device, Safaricom wako na data ya kwenye umelala tangu uwe customer wao.

Safaricom wanajua nani analala na nani, wapi, na nani akiwa kwa shida ataenda kijificha wapi.


Bila simu DCI huwa powerless. Ukicreate account kwa pornhub uwe unaitumia kucommunicate na wale watu close, hawawezi kukupata.


DCI hawana sophisticated triangulation software. Wao hupata data kutoka kwa Safaricom.

DCI ata akiwa huko mshinani, atatuma number yako ya simu, ama id number, ama imei number, atumiwe jina ya ile geographical area huko.

Kutoka hapo, watajua ile soko huko, kutoka hapo watakutafuta physically wakitumia sms zako kwa marafiki, na ile mahali unawithdraw pesa na zile till number na paybill number unatumia.

Ok. This makes sense.

There are certain easy “techniques” you can utilize to keep yourself safe online

Start by making Google your friend …!!:blush::pray: