hapa they’ll get more customers than the tradition players

Safaricom is seeking regulatory approvals to launch insurance, unit trust and saving products as it races for a larger piece of the financial services market and tap more earnings from mobile money platform M-Pesa.

Wacha wanukishe kitunguukitunguu

I dont like the monolith but I know they are ethical…ukichukua insurance hapo hakuna agents or brokers (my assumption), and I know they have the muscle to underwrite so hakuna kuruka watu…

yep hapo ndo wata pata clients wengi, hakuna kudeal na agents, halafu safaricom huwa very open to customer issues

This will be fought severely. They will take over that industry. For us wananchi competition is good as offers will come and better service.

Kwa nini naona ni kama exist ya kujitoa na pesa ya watu. Hapa ile shafting raia tutapata wacha Tu?

They want to be like Samsung in s Korea. where everything is Samsung.

The MALI 10% Savings has been trialled for 2 years.
Yours truly was fortunate enough to be included in the trial phase.
It works like a charm. Simple. Convenient. Straightforward.
You can Debit & Credit your account whenever wherever.
Interest earned is actually 8.5%. 1.5% Management fee. And the interest is also readily available.
Customer Care is so far fast reasonble responsive courteous…so far so good.
Mali is a Safcon Gen Jis product.

Bradhe, be optimistic for once. You can be sire it’ll be several years before that product beings in what mpesa brings in a day so why would Safcom utilize it to steal. Your pessimism is just sickening at times.

Yes…a conglomerate

Soon hata Chapo za 10 Bob watauza.
They are too greedy.

conglomeracy cannot work in Africa. they
are just upping the whole game

It’s not about being greedy. It’s seeing an opportunity and grabbing it.

Market ni yao

They will be fought tooth and nail, but the good thing is that they have the financial muscles!
I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Waingie transport sector sasa