Safaricom Automatic Date and Time

It is just me or Safaricom gives different times depending on the type of phone, especially if the phone is 4G capable?

I thought I woke up on time, but, turned out my alarm was about 30 minutes late!

The tablet on the right is 3G only and is the only one with the correct time. If I disable 4G and restart the phones they all show correct time. If I enable 4G and restart they show different times.

I need a wrist watch.

The Time Piece Association of Ktalk will be at your service in a while.

They will be thoroughly unimpressed when I finally show off my Casio watch chronometer time piece. I’ll probably get blocked.

It has been misleading me for the past day or two. I finally disabled it and put in the time manually.

Buy an alarm clock if your problem is waking up Nairobilay.

Had the similar issue. One time alarm ililia ni kaamka kuoga breakfast kutoka nje ni usiku wa manane. Had to check time in my lappy

I don’t see the need for more than one twin sim smart phone so, cunt relate


Back in the days the most reliable timer was bbc radio

You have Spoken like a true elder.

toa vijiko kama mbili hivi za aromat lakini

Mimi mashida zangu huniamsha I don’t need alarm

When you sleep at 2am you mos def need an alarm to wake you up at 5am.

hamia umoja ama rongai, utaamshwa na honi za matatu:D:D:D

Ama sound effects za DEMAKUFU! DEMAKUFU! :D:D:D


Network based time depends on network strength. It seems like the 4G signal is weak where you are.

Never had problems with safaricom time but am usually rudely woken up by weaver birds hanging from tree branches over MY house

Sawa mkubwa, tumejua uko na nyumba!

Might be. Although, I would not call four bars weak. It’s five bars 90% of the time --only dropping in strength in some rooms inside the house.