Safaricom are literally the worst company to it's consumers.

I literally used the cancelling service 3 times in a month or so.Ikizidi 4 times. Jaribu uone venye watakutomba. That is a very extreme cap for Safaricom to react to.

Ni wajinga tu most talkers don’t have a mind of their own. They just follow the vibe of the first comment like sheep’s.

Add delete draft button on mobile, please.

My boda boda guy once took a client mpaka machakos, then the dude was to pay via mpesa, juu my rider was in a hurry ,akatoka mbio kurudi , kumbe that idiot cancelled the transaction on the 20th or so second. :mad::mad::mad: 1000BOB GONE!

Do you know conmen are using it to obtain your details and proceeding to scam you, I just received a call this morning from a scammer with heavy Cambodian accent claiming to be a Safaricom customer care agent (a dead give away), he got my name right but started asking silly questions like how many times I have replaced my line (another give away). I had to put him off then he started threatening that he is going to block my line, I told him fine I would be relieved as I was tired of this Safaricom nonsense. He is yet to block my line. Moral of the story, you don’t know the nature and number of complaints safaricom have to deal with in a single day to put a limit on the number times you can use certain services in a given period of time.

Why don’t you use the mysafaricom app and you will know the names of the recipient.

wazee hawapendi technology

Use Safaricom App. Id’s the recipient before you even send.

Wewe hamia kuandika cheques.sasa… Na other old technology like hand delivery of cash na matress banking:D:D:D