Safaricom are literally the worst company to it's consumers.

Today I just found out that if you use the Mpesa Hakikisha service for a set number of times in a month , Safaricom will disable you from accessing the service. Wtf? So Safaricom provides you a service and if you actually make use of it they ban you from using it again. It’s absolutely illogical. I remember last month was to send some money to a certain number but upon entering the number no name was displayed only the phone Number, I got spooked and thought maybe I entered the wrong number. I tried again only to get the same result so I cancelled and called the friend who notified me he indeed did not register an Mpesa account for that Number
akanipea number yake nyingine.

So fast forward to today morning I get a call from a long lost high school friend who we haven’t spoken for in years. He introduces himself and I kind of remember him well as someone I respected. Told me of some financial difficulty he’s in and I agreed to help out. Couple minutes and I feel someone is conning me using my a
friend’s name so I do a quick cross check in Mpesa to affirm he is who he says he is. It’s him but boom Safaricom bans me from using the Hakikisha service.

LONG STORY SHORT : for using THE Hakikisha service 3 times in a month I have been barred voila.
Fvck them I have started my gradual move.

You post a thread about your troubles with safaricom every week. Si uhame already uwache kusumbua kijiji. Btw what happened to the Safaricom boycott.

Terma and conditions apply. We side with Safaricom on this

Why would you cancel payment more than 5 times?

There is Truecaller and other services for that.

Vile Deorro amesema.

From what I remember I cancelled 3 times in a space of 1 month. That is not a crazy number.

The same thing that happened to your mkundu, it blowed over.

Feelings pelekea watu wa kwenu meffi

Una defend mkundu ya mwanaume mwenzako? very Ngayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of you.

umeambiwa umefikisha threshold ya cancelling,kwani wewe ni mujinga? mwizi? ama unatumia kunguru random pesa alafu unawagonga? doesn’t make any sense kwanini ublockiwe coz ya overusage ya hio facility

The handshake cancelled all boycotts sa hii ‘baba’ ata breakfast ni Brookside milk.

Man guys are so quick to reply some non sense.
Issue is if you introduce a service and you very well know how crooks have overwhelmed us, how do you put a cap to it?
Anyway that cap is too low.

are you serious about using True caller to check the identity of the person you are sending money to? :eek:


No, how have you arrived at that conclusion? Two sentences talking of two separate things.

Truecaller is to confirm the identity of the tel no owner. Paid up members have the verified feature. I save all new numbers directly as is from Truecaller.

If someone gives you a number to send money to, read it back to them to confirm you heard them correctly. That’s all the confirmation you need. If the money goes to Jesus H Christ that’s no longer your concern.

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Terma ni mashetani gani ?
alafu yani wewe iko admin na huwezi edit spelling.dll? ?


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Bob Collymore doesn’t deal with minor things like selling ten bob airtime in kiosks