#Safari7s 2019

What happened to this event? No more hype!

I was hoping this new KRU leadership will be better but it now seems the same old network of Nairobi “older boyz” officials.

How do you schedule Safari Sevens the same weekend the Rugby World Cup is on. Kwanza quarter finals starts 11am on Saturday. The fans and the players would rather watch that. Idiots everywhere.

Ati kina Injera wamerudi kwa team , pure nonsense kwani hakuna young blood

You need to realise that 90% of the crowd that went to safari sevens in RFUEA back then didnt even care which teams were playing, and majority didnt even know how that game was played. It was all about Hype, drinking na Dunda. That generation sahii are 30+, with other responsibilities now.

This new generation of Instagram youth kabla wa attend a sporting event, uko na kibarua serious. You better put Migos to perform at halftime. So bad is this Safari sevens that If you buy a sixpack ya 1380/= bob, you are given a free ticket. Thats shows you hii event is dead, and no one gives a shit about it.

i agree we wont mostly for pombe na kunyanduana kwanza mayakos sevens

From what I am seeing, attendance was very good this year

Mombasa would be a good destination for Safari sevens if the new Mombasa stadium is constructed to include rugby specifications


And in a long time, 99% walikua rugby fans