Are Safaricane launching their own Guarana?[ATTACH=full]36932[/ATTACH]

wa up hiyo content ndo thuruari itolewe baada ya guarana moja

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What is the alcohol content?

You can not mention Safari Cane without mention London Distillers who are the brewers of Safari Cane…

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We are sorry to inform you that these kind of concoctions are not served in the establishments we patronise.

Please refer your inquiries to the chokora @uwesmake.


Hata chang’aa iwekwe ngualana, thuruari za kijiji zitolewe


Africans shit!

Hii Umbwa Imepotea…??? Wee WTF is your problem? Who here is hang up on your Mhindi status? Why are you insulting Africans? We will make you go back to your faecal infested streets of Mumbai… You dirty Indian Pu**y.

Huyo ni Binjwa Rectum trolling as usual.

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I|f i remember correctly, there was a copyright infringement case going on.

How can I spend my evenings without alcohol. Am tired of drinking.

nimesample hii drink- the Guarana…not bad, sweet scent+8%+RRP-125/- and am made to understand its already in some upmarket clubs apparently.

Si ukwende hiyo continent ingine.

Must be itching for a fight with Eabl

Hii Iceberg nimeikunyua sana 04.

drive out a nail using another nail; kuwa addict wa quma like me friend barazo dude drinks fanta club na kumangana sasa tunahofia atamanga pukusu shephert

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hehe the first pombe nilikuwa nikiwa campus ilikuwa inaitwa ice berg…lol haki those days…