Sadness of marriage

akimariswo ama akimarisiwo?


Marriage is the most beautiful union but for compatible and understanding couple.


Ilikuwa beating …ya kumariswo

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Marriage is not for the faint hearted

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Marriage is bliss to you. One single marriage does not represent the institution of Marriage!

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so how do they walk out asubuhi knowing the whole Ploti heard them fighting… eeeh mimi naweza hama mbio sana


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it one more time: when I like someone’s comment, it doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with them. I often like people’s comments because, though they hold opinions contrary to mine, I appreciate a good argument when I see one. I like it when people are able to weave their opinions in such a way that I sit up and listen.

That said, I must add that I don’t place women on a pedestal, never. I don’t see women as angels incapable of evil machinations, I see them as fallible humans just like the rest of us men. I take each human on their own merit, no prejudice whatsoever. But then again, that’s just me.

I hear you


That’s nature’s trick of trapping people into the union FOR the sole purpose of offering a conducive enviroment for the offspring to grow healthily, physically and mentally.
Sure, there are some beautiful marriages especially when women know their place. No man, unless an irreparable degenerate, would purposefully and continuously, oppress a virtuous wife. Obviously there are the normal lapses in ‘goodness’ but generally a decent man and a decent woman can make a great marriage.
Problem is, the so called modern woman has been socialised into buying the lie that men are out to oppress her in a marriage setting. Further, she has been socialised into believing that even in marriage, her body is ‘hers’ and as such she can do whatever she wants with it(read cheating). Add into that a nice dose of feminism and you have hellish marriages.


Strange for you to say that. Going by what you post here. :slight_smile:

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Marriage is for three,You-God-Partner.I have seen where it works and where it fails,its in the math.


I will not be judged…pris

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Aaaa and here I was getting ready for a hekaya:(

FP is the ultimate troll Wu Tang, don’t be surprised finding out she is a Nun :D:D


Eti unahama? Just mind your business. Minding my own business got me this far. You never helped them seduce each other neither did you help them get married so why care if they fight? Why care if the man cheats lodging or not? Its his fucking house, he pays the rent so he can bring to it anyone he feels okay to. His wife is not an underage girl yet she still stays in that marriage. So why care about them? Why move houses just because the man brings ladies to his house?

Learn to mind your own damn business. Unanarate ni kama ulikaa na wamama wa ploti mkipiga mushene.


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akijipa sies kataa…african men be lyk

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mjamaa anasmile tu. bibi sijui.
but kama ni mimi exile for one week

Marriage is a bed of roses especially when you have an ear plug.

kwanza wikendi huonekani hapo hapo hakwezi ishika tena