Sadness of life

A colleague was going through the process of applying for a job…with…Kajiado County. What struck me is just how much money you need to get all the required documents and papers.
Like this

Crb clearance…2200
Good conduct…1000

Add this to the fact that you need money to survive and relocate once you get the actual job and the cost becomes prohibitive for someone who doesn’t have a dime.
Why can’t all these charges be abolished ?
Real sadness of life



Hata kuna mwingine kama wewe alienda korti ten bob ya choo iondolewe - Kenyans are like small children crying for ‘free’ sweets.

Mtaajibika lini jameni?

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I am not looking for a job, I am looking out for our youth who are required to fork out the above amounts just so to submit an application.


If that amount is abolished, guess people will start abusing the system.

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This is not a socialist country, you must pay for things. I’d rather pay for efficient services than wait months for free services.


Hio pesa ya anti corruption fee is useless juu akiingia county apate njia ya kuiba ataiba tu.

Kaa hana pesa awachie wenye Wanataka

A cousin of mine was applying for an entry level nursing position in Transzoia county, getting all those documents cost her three days of moving around and more than 5000bob, na saa hizo the Nursing Council had spent six months fighting for leadership positions and in the process delayed releasing results for 2015 exams which meant she could not obtain a licence= making no money.

They should digitise these agencies systems then have guys obtain their clearance like you do for KRA clearance.


Wtf anticorruption cert

sad state of affairs… failed state!

More of failed leadership. Milking from the most vulnerable