Sadio Mane (elders wacheni wivu)

It’s so sad this great example is not trending here. Sadio got recently married to her 18 year old wife. He’s in his prime early 30s Sahii anamumunya young soft virgin meat zero mileage.
A true alpha anajua there’s no way his hard earned millions playing for Liverpool zitakuliwa na some high mileage hoe ameosha rungu proper…(he’s not a captain save a whore)

Unlike Kenyan men akishika pesa kidogo anakimbilia a beat up social media star ama single mother coz she’s lightskin ama ako na matako kubwa … Kenyan men hukuwa na a scarcity mindset that’s very heartbreaking.


Wacha umama gathee

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Cradle snatcher, the wife has yet to finish high school. She is doing F4 exams ya kwao this year. He is lucky he no longer plies his trade in UK because the media would have crushed him because of her age yet “they been dating for awhile”


Watambiwa ivi


It doesn’t matter she’s of legal age … the dad spoke about it they met when she was still a minor but he had to wait
Those ranting are feminists …huko girls start sucking deek at 13 in high school huwezi pata virgin huko ata na dawa …sadio knew a cultured virgin back home is the way to go
Western hoes wangempiga divorce wapate mali


Very sad cartoon

Mtu anatune watoto ni pedophile. Baba mtoto is looking at the money, jamaa is probably broke thinking his daughter will build him a new house. Yeah women are made to be sexually active at 13, but is it right.

Then all of our forefathers were pedophiles?? Saa hii tunajionanga us modern people are very intelligent but i think hakuna time iko na wajinga ka saa hii. Things in those “backward” times were done a certain way and they worked as people then were intelligent enough to know a man will never truly value a woman who he knows has been in the streets sampling dicks. Msichana mambo yake inafaa kua inapangwa na babake akiwa huko 16 na apate bwana haraka upesi kabla watu wa boda hawajanyakua uvajo.
Muslims i think are the only sensible people left in how they handle their women. Im sure their marriage success rates are like triple if not quadruple of the rest woke crowd


Sexual maturity was not understood then. We now know that 18 is an accepted age to engage in responsible sexual relations. I can’t blame our forefathers in as much I can blame them for not using tissue paper to wipe their asses. In the modern world, a 30 year old man who goes hunting for high school girls in form is a sexual predator. A deviant.

Moslems marry their own family members. How do you support that. You call that sensible? They marry their own brothers, sisters, nieces….So many kids born with disabilities in that community, die to that.

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What do you mean by sexual maturity? Why specifically 18? Are you aware that age of consent in many parts in Europe ni 16? Why? I know this is a sensitive topic for watu wengi so hata usijibu… im just telling you usifuate vitu blindly. But huku kwetu ni 18 so 18 it is.

Mane ali approach baba yake beforehand wapange hii kitu yote (fathers own words) so no deviancy hapo.

Hapo kwa muslims ku marry their family members naskia na wewe. So sijui if its true or not. Naishi mahali wamejaa na wako na watoto wengi na sijaona hizo disabilities unasema

Around 18 is a acceptable age. It’s not a hard set number except for legal purposes. Even you just think about the girls you grew up with, ati waanze kuolewa at 14-16. Shear destruction of lives. Yea I am aware many places 16 by parental consent. But a 30 year old man walking to my house looking for my 15 year old sister or daughter, kuna kasoro hapo. Na watajaa by the way. Without laws jamaaz would be hunting high school kids like nonsense.
The Muslims hide their kids awith disabilities. Tembea Eastleigh utawaona mandani kwa nyumba. Wahindi pia.

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I dont have a daughter so i am talking out of my ass hapa but im thinking kama ningekua na choice ya kupanga na mtu wa 30 responsible aoe daughter wangu once amefika 18 as opposed to daughter wangu kua kwa streets akikuliwa na mafala in airbnbs wanataka tu kusongesha mileage alafu wamtoke wakuje kupost wangapi hapa kwa kijiji…i know ni gani im chosing


No greater example set. Vile inafaa.

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He will lose his female football fans ( feminazis) in Europe.

Exactly that’s what any responsible father would do rather than kuwacha her daughter akuliwe na kina jonte na brayo kwa ploti in the end unaletewa a bastard to raise and there was a man with genuine intentions asking for a hand in marriage but ukakataa
Having sadio as your son in law comes with endless advantages wealth, connections for your generations to come

It’s widely known many black athletes end up marrying white women
It’s choking them right now why he didn’t end up saving one of them