Saddened by bonobos

Prisoners are dying in DRC. Despite of that country is rich in minerals. Huko jukumu la kulisha wafungua ni kazi ya family ya mfungwa.
The worst part ikuwe the prisoner ndio bread winner. Hapa inabidii ukufe.
While their leaders ni kuvaa expensive vitenge na kuenda shopping abroad.
I see in Kenya we may be grumbling about madeni lakini tuko better compared to other shithole.

i will watch later . Book marked

We are also better than Somali and Yemen

you should see Haiti, worst prisons in the world.

kenya gdp per capita: $1507. DRC gdp per capita: $458. wapi na wapi. those fellas are where we were in the 80s. mi usikia wakisema kenya haiko poa nashindwa kama wametembea regionally.

Gentlemen though, the degree to which the affairs of a state are deplorable matters less. If there’s but one person living in subhuman conditions in a pseudo-utopian state, it has essentially failed. No different than their dystopian neighbors.

And that problem is caused by Civil Wars funded by western proxies to protect mineral interests. A stable Drc means increased bargaining power which isn’t good for whites and if you say this simple facts fools here like others I don’t remember names think ur IQ is very low

Na bado Kuna watu wanasema Africa is the future :D:D

DRC is not even a shithole it’s far worse.

DRC is a gone case. They have great musical talent but nothing else beyond there.