SADDAM HUSSEIN is just useless piece of shit- SONKO was God sent



How often was he (sonko) repairing the roads on those sides?

If he repaired them last year Na zishaharibika, then sonko is truly a piece of shiet

Ulizaliwa mjinga, haukosoma Sana …sasa sisi tuliosoma unatuonea wivu

Boss, tukisoma wewe ulikuwa wapi

Haha people go to school to learn how to be employers not employees… If Napolean Bonaparte is alive today, he would directly send you to the guillotine. Doctors, lawyers,engineers and economists lead the lot in self employment. Continue being employed thinking you are educated eunuch.You are fulfilling somebody dreams.

Eti You are fulfilling somebody dreams

Hii line failures in life wote huitumia

Wake up man stop living in Santorini

Kijana ya centum, salimia james mworia


Accept you were handed the wrong set of cards when you were created

Low IQ, …now you bitter coz we beat you

Wivu haikusaidii… ungesoma kwa bidii

Haha if wishes are horses beggars would ride them. I pity you

Using primary school cliches… you are a pity of a human being… at your age, your thinking is pitifully low we should just slaughter you for dog feed

Find a good butcher then

I will do it myself

What they dont know is that the cabros are from Clay Works opposite Northlands.

Somalis siku hizi wanakula mbwa? Thanks for letting us know

Ati you are talking as a Nairobi wanker?

@magreb lazima anaongezwa maji mahali alipo.