I know many kenyan girls, they tell me they are sad. They can not find a good man. They dont know why.
I know answer. They drink beer. They smoke drugs. They party all time. They sleep with so many man.
Of course you can’t find good man … you live like cheap prostitute.

Hata pikcha ya whore wearing Kenyans bracelet hakuna.

Tauren ghaseer

Uwesmakende unasumbua

Hapa umedinya point, a man can buy alcohol, drugs take a woman to parties, but hawezi marry mwanamke kama huyo…but there are few simps who are tricked by these whores.


They want the benefits of a wife and the freedom of a prostitute. Advise them well.

Pia wewe umedinya point bradhe

Inshort the Chinese wanabe is @uwesmake alias @Tauren alias @Nipe Nikusifu . They all get along easily which raises eyebrows

Aki ya mungu hii Kijiji na ghaseer tupu