Sad story of Nairobi restaurants

SJ has cut out it’s niche and everyone knows it’s a full time brothel. The owner/management also renovated the club from time to time and ensures that the security and safety of the customers is top priority

Maybe coz it’s a laid back place. You come drink a few cocktails and proceed later to other newer joints.

Tribeka was called Tropez in the early 2000’s, the owner was minting cash then got kicked out for Tribeka to replace it.
Before that,there was Mamba Discotheque at Museum Hill, Cactus at GreenCorner, Hornbill, Tacos, Bar Code, Banditos, Pavement, Crooked Q (still standing). Jay Kay’s (where DJ Adrian started), Rezorus… List is loong.
Not forgetting Dolce on Koinange Street ( owned by former Nairobi Mayor, Omar Habib Kongo ). Hii hata zinjathropus @FieldMarshal CouchP hajui.

what has killed clubbing in nakuru CBD is harassment by cops at night, nakuru kushikwa na kuwekwa ndani ilikuw aharaka sana dont know if it chnaged

Hizi club zote nimeenda, inakaa wewe ni fossil mwenzangu. Izo Bouncer wa Crooked Q is still there Imajin!! With lighter duties lakini.

where did this geezer @FieldMarshal CouchP go to atuambie

na wewe si wa jana:D

Stem has been refurbished. Mahali mzuri ya kukulia slices

Exactly…kuna jamaa anawork hapo alinishow Principals wengi nakuru wanakulia TPs na BOM teachers huko

Kwanza ukipatwa na mwanamke wanakusumbua sana

Nipatie several names niwaanike

Wacha upuss usijaribu


Tribeka ilikuwa kali sana back in the day.

Winkers ilikua na prewall soft meat lanyes