sad state of affairs

Sad. The poor are getting it rough

more reason to show about how all this is a gover ploy to intimidate the medics back to work without any deal.

Are you really serious???
This is terribly unfortunate.It seems you have absolutely no idea of the genesis of the whole debacle. Or to try and justify the government’s incompetence, you try and lump doctors and politicians together.
Water and oil!

The government has not handled or negotiated in good faith.
So they try and intimidate.
Even the incarceration in different prisons is a ploy to make them break!

:eek::eek: the virus :eek:

Shame in deed coz lipa kama tender is about the welfare of Kenyans.

Very serious. Politicians loot public coffers, doctors have literally let people with no alternative source of health service die. What is the difference between the two? Who is better?


Nimeona PS Muraguri amemulikwa sana.

The doctors are fighting for the salvation of the health sector.
It may be worthwhile to read the CBA.The salaries is just but one issue there.
But let us put the blame where it squarely lies…The government…And i mean both National and County governments.
The right to picket is constitutional.
But both governments always thought that the best way to treat their employees is by threats and intimidation.
How does one expect the doctors to negotiate with the sword of incarceration hanging above their heads???Isn’t this intimidation?
But thankfully,the doctors called their bluff…And are serving the sentence…
Has that solved any problem?

People have conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that the COG took the doctors to court. Secondly the court process is very separate from government functions.
Doctors were given a 40% increase by the president and they showed him the middle finger. Walisema lipa kama tender which is a 300% increase. Atwoli himself said he did not encounter resistance from government BUT from the doctors. Their constant reply was CBA. . .who is being dishonest? Genuine negotiations involve compromise and there is none on the part of doctors. In the mean time as doctors compare the jailing to Raila’s and cozy up to the likes of Boniface Mwangi, people continue to die. Greed will be the end of us as a nation!


Atwoli said that the stumbling block is the tiff between the CS and his PS.
The CS himself confirmed it today, that the PS did insubordinate.
About the issue of compromise, can you seriously negotiate with a gun to your head??


Of course you are right that it’s the CoG which took the doctors to court.That’s why i said up there that both the County and National Governments are deep in this.
And what was the reason of going to court long after the strike notice has been given, if not to try and thwart any discussion?
Second, if the CoG was honest and wanted to negotiate in good faith, what was the difficulty in withdrawing the case?

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Please find the entire speech online and listen to it again he outlined everything that is wrong with the negotiations
There is a lot of displaced anger here. The court ruled. Direct that anger to the courts. Make the courts answer why there is preferential treatment. Why the law is not applied equally. . . .

You are the one with displaced emotion. I have watched Atwoli’s speech and saw the CS at the Senate today.You may wish to watch that too.
I have no issue with Court processes.
The issue i have is your supposition that it’s only doctors who were intrasingent.That they were the only ones to compromise.But it is not humanly possible to have an honest negotiation when you are staring at a sentence, from a case filed by the person you are supposed to be negotiating with.
But that’s water under the bridge now. The doctors are serving their sentence.
How that has helped the situation is clear for all to see.
The CS said ooh now they want to appeal for them to be released…
Too little too late…

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Problem is no one wants to question governors. Health was devolved and this governors cannot account for billions devolved. That is why salaries are delayed, basic equipment lacking in hospitals and everything else that is ailing counties.


I am aware of the insubordination in the ministry of health. Even the allegations that muraguri could be funding the doctors’ representatives hence the hardline stand. . .

Definitely the counties are ailing…Correct that…The whole public health system is failing…Right now it’s on its deathbed.
I agree with you that the Governors are to blame for the problem at the Counties…
And for those facilities that are under the National Government,i.e KNH,MTRH,Spinal Injury Hospital, the National Government has to answer.

Ati doctors are fighting for the salvation of health care, danganya toto, it is pure greed. Corruption in govt is bad, but it can’t be used by civil servants to justify their demands. That is like salivating and looking for ways in which they can also eat. And if their demands are met, what will happen to other civil servants

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Kindly look through the CBA they are fighting for…Pay is just but one of the components, which unfortunately is what has been broadcast all over…
The CBA contains lots of other things, helped at improving the health sector.The doctors work daily in the thick of the public health system.
But hey, if it floats your boat just to look at the pay, so be it

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