sad state of affairs



Again, there is no difference between this crop of doctors and politicians. Kila mtu na tumbo yake masikini ajipange.


She is probably getting fingered in some shower somewhere


I am happy that it is a Dr. Korir we are talking about here. If she were a Dr. Ouma or a Dr. Mutua ungesikia ooh Jakuon ooh RWNBP ooh


^^^ waah.

The C.o.g took the doctors to court


I am happy that these officials were all jailed in different prisons…that way, they can come to their senses.

Which ones?

How many ignorant villagers in this village have been saying that the doctors are all ODM chaps simply because of Dr Oroko and Dr Oluga?
Yet we have Dr Korir, Dr Chibanzi,Dr Chege among others?
The ignorance and plain sycophancy here is sometimes appalling.


Wacha Madaktari wajienjoi maisha ya jela; atleast wafungwa wakitetea better healthcare they will be able to relate:D:D

  1. Dr. F. N. Oluga sent to Kamiti Prison
  2. Dr. Samuel Ondoro to Industrial area,
  3. Dr. Mwanchonda Chibanzi sent to Shimo La tewa prison.
  4. Dr. Evelyne Chege sent to Langata Women prison.
  5. Dr. Daisy Korir sent to Machakos prison.
  6. Dr. Farouk sent to Kodiaga prison.

Wangepelekwa manyani, shimo la tewa, kamiti, nyaifasha mazimum, kapenguria na mandera. Next time hawangethubutu kusumbua.

So when cornered you rush to equality of balance-equating docs to politicians. Why don’t you talk of medical containers bought at 10m each? Is it because uthamaki was involved? Nashangaa tu but it’s isorait


Where’s the 7th?. Am seeing on social media CBA7.

Sijui…uliza @pamba

Watu wa rwnbp mko mia kwa hii thread

For a JaKuonist who would be showing solidarity with the medics (albeit for selfish political ends), yours is a most distasteful comment. Shindwe!!

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Umesahau Kingongo

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It’s a man eat man society

It’s unfortunate that your small mind thinks it’s all about money…shame

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