Sad shit to start off your day: A beta male kills a single mother of three

[SIZE=7]Rapper J $tash Kills Girlfriend in Front of Her Three Children, Then Himself: Police[/SIZE]
Florida rapper J $tash and his girlfriend have been killed in an apparent murder-suicide in Los Angeles, according to police.
LA Country Sheriff’s Department said the shooting happened at a home on Pentland Street in Temple City on New Year’s Day; they believe the 28-year-old shot his 27-year-old girlfriend dead in front of her three children, before turning the gun on himself.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence call from inside the home shortly before 7:15 AM that morning, made by one of the children.

Arriving on the scene, officers were met by the three children, all boys, fleeing from the home.

“They ran out to the deputies and were whisked to safety,” Lt. Derrick Alfred told the Daily News. “They were not injured – physically, at least.”

Inside the home they found a Hispanic female, dead from multiple gunshot wounds, and a Black male also deceased, from a single apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

A spokesman confirmed to People the suspect was Justin Joseph — AKA J $tash.

The three children, ranging in age from 5-11, were taken from the scene, unharmed. All three lived in the home with their mother; they are not believed to be related to Joseph.

Instead of eating SOFT MEAT the way @Kodiaga does, you are out here killing yourself because of a singo matha. MGTOW=FREEDOM


As a single mother or father, where do you get the energy to introduce your children to people you are dating ?

Put your children first.

another one…
closer home

Molo Police Station:
Police are looking for one, MARK NJOROGE WANJIRU [SIZE=1](cheza chini) [/SIZE] a third year University student at Kibabii University.
He is suspected to have killed his girlfriend. .
Her chopped hands were recovered on the road and her head was found in a bucket.
A mutilated body was found on the bed.

kijiji ilishasema and it seems Jstash was a talker. the rule is if a woman hurts you (as a betachieth) so much to drive you to suicide , you kill her first then wewe kesi ifanyike kwa saitani , but usiguze watoto . si kujiuwa then nyoka responsible ibaki kuenjoy pesa yako na umalaya .

MGAYTOW is = FREEDOM according to @Karoga gospel.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Mgtow alpha male nakamua fresh under 20 years old ghels hapa Durban bila maneno Mingi as a beta male planteshen worker ghaseer has just wasted his life on a single mother chieth kunguru Ako na watoto watatu,why most men don’t realize that they are the prize is mind baffling

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]Planteshen= Happiness.[/SIZE]

Hapa ndio kuna shida.

J stash? Who the heck is that kneegrow?

That’s a real sad story actually. I can’t believe what children feel nowadays. It’s awful when something happens next to you. In my opinion, children nowadays have to be cared by psychologists because it’s a serious hit on their psychology. Of course, it will take years of work in order to let them clarify the whole situation. Anyway, without it they will be broken, mentally and physically when they will grow up. Actually, everybody knows that the life of a rapper is so dangerous, remember 2pac or biggie. They also were murdered as well as new rappers die because of a murder. Everything because people want to get easy money, thinking that if they will kill someone, they will steal money and remain innocent.