This girl is so naive…

This 19-year-old girl believes married men can leave their wives to be with her. She believes what @MTINGIZA_KITANDA tells her (I’ve used MK as an example hii sio sweep).

She thinks she is hot and that is why men find her irresistible, @TrumanCapote si you tell these young girls the truth that men want them because they feel they can have them. Ni vile wanajipa ovyo.

“I have dated married men…are complaining about their wives…” She believes ni ukweli.

Married men know dem hawezi mkubali akisema akona bibi, so anamsho bibi yake vile ni sumbua. Dem anajiingiza box. Sasa cheki matiti married men wanataka? Huyu ameosha tarimbo za majamaa kweli kweli.

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Anyone who can leave the planteshen for a 19yr old ni mjinga wa mwisho. A 19yr old may be sexually mature, but the mind is very much that of a child. A half child, half adult basically.


Hio mateetee inakaa 35yrs old


She thinks 25 is very far… By then atakuwa anakaa shosho


Atafunzwa na ulimwengu huyu


She claims women have no idea of what it takes to attract a man…and she’s only 19.

Amepewa licence ya kukulwa last year…ID. atajua hajui, akitembea na a loose vagina mithili ya kikombe…at 25


Tapeli Mkuu, you only resist where you can feel a powerful, destructive, crushing, magnetic force. Here I feel nothing. Is she even alive?


Kama hizo nyonyo ni za 18 years akichapa 25 atakuwa anaziokota chini to stuff them into the bra. All of a sudden kenyan women seem to have realized that the cunt is their only ticket to good living.


Not sure if she’s a live labda nifanye upelelezi.

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She should safety and easily tuck those nipples into her kitovu.

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Hapa umesema ukweli. Mtingiza bed is only enticed by fat, gut stinking street walkers along Dubois Rd, and is only convinced to book a room if one of them is bold enough to let go of a big Guinness beer fart.


Why date married men and or divorcees if you can date single men? Married men and divorced men have alot of baggage. You rather even date a benten. First of all they always look stressed and depressed. They are always talking about their problems. They are always telling you how their ex wife is bad. They are so bitter with their exe wife especially divorcees. Next is talking about their kids nonstop. Ohhh my son did this my daughter that. You know? It’s like they have noone to talk to.

Yaani it’s just cess pit. I have never understood the appeal of the married man or the single dad or the divorced man. Sema BAGGAGE. Us people who are single and don’t have kids don’t have baggage. We date, if it doesn’t work, we move on, no hard feelings, we don’t have anything tying us to our exes. So soon enough you even forget that they exist. Lakini Hawa watu wengine too toxic for life. My kid this, my kid that, calls from the kid or the mother.

Yaani I don’t understand why women do this to themselves. If me at my age can’t stand the baggage what about a 19 yo girl? People just want to suffer and waste their time for no good reason. They even just look tired and bored. They just have a very toxic aura around them. I really wonder what goes on in this marriages coz it doesn’t bring out the best in many people. Alafu divorced men are so bitter bcz they thought they had settled. Story ni vile ex alimtenda. Even if they were the ones on the wrong they will still be bitter for the wife not putting up with their BS. Sisi wengine we forget like children.

Anyway maybe she has some daddy issues she needs to resolve. Let @MTINGIZA_KITANDA assist her while taking photos of her behind for ktalk voyeurs. Watu married wako na too many issues it’s like dating an addict no matter how hard they try everything in their being revolves around their baggage or addiction. They are already tainted in the mind permanently. Their aura will never be pure and free ever again. It’s like dating someone with HIV. That is their identity and nobody can separate them from that.

In any case how do you trust a man who can cheat on a woman he swore fidelity to before God and family? If he can cheat on someone who waits on him hand and foot and almost died giving birth for him, what is he capable of doing to you who has never invested anything on him?

Those rings have magical powers. Even after divorce the ex wife will reign supreme in his mind even if you are the queen of sheeba. Mimi watu married or divorced even some widowed people btw. They don’t move on as easily as we do. Bcz we have more experience moving on than staying break up is easier on us than people who were once married.


Matiti ishalala at 18yrs old. Anyway when am dating the young gals…my wife and kids are out of discussion…we only talk general stuff and piga sherehe. I don’t bad mouth my wife. You would look stupid if you did that


I don’t do dirty street walkers like you. Young and petite and you can never look back


There’s very few good men. Most of them taken early.
You see it even on ktalk. A single mother in Kenya is blackballed from society. They will gladly take married men. Especially after they hit the wall ( age 30).
Also we are a elitist culture. Pride on money. Prevelant in French and English former colonial countries. So a married man with money is highly attractive to single women. How many women in Kenya will decline a Paul Kobia ( yeah I know you will try and claim that he is single) or those with a good job.

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Hata ya mwende mwenye anataka kunifunga kama Kunguru imesimama na ako 6 years my senior


What is your definition of good men? So does dating a married man mean that now you are no longer single? You are single until he marries you which is highly unlikely with our Christian upbringing.

Is it written somewhere that every woman or man must have a partner? I don’t understand the desperation myself. Unless you are dating a married man to get something out of him like prostitution I don’t see what else they offer. They are too preoccupied with their families to offer any woman a fulfilling relationship. Unless just want to coparent with them if you are looking for a dad for your kid or get money from them, anything else is untenable. It’s just a mind ferk that will leave you heartbroken. Married men have nothing to offer as they are emotionally drained by their real family. If it’s commercial sex work yes. But a real relationship? Naw.


I agree kabisa, as a married man am ever occupied with so many things, hata sidhani nikona space ya kufuga an extra pet sembuse having an affair. Juzi ndio nmekumbuka we need a cat, yule mwingine anakuanga tu raundi hapatikani nyumbani.


In Kenya today, a married man can date a woman even go to meet her parents. Na ni sawa tu. They don’t even ask a lot of questions especially if he’s financially stable. Na culture ya sponsor is the norm. Enda tu campus and see. It doesn’t even raise a eye.
A sponsor is considered a good catch like a fisherman coming from a good day at Lake Victoria. Some ladies the other day were talking Ati nilijishindia.

A single man likely doesn’t have finances to sponsor a woman. Married men typically can, at their points in career.

Yeah many will marry the first woman in church, second woman come we stay after she gets a ball. But they are Christian.

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A good man ni wale ideal mnapenda. Dating ni nyinyi wawili. Typically side chicks give married men a pass for their wives. Bora usipate dem mwingine.

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