Sad sad sad news

BARKOWINO secondary school dormitory gutted down in fire incident, form three student burnt beyond recognition.


Sasa hii ni mambo gani tena?

Where is this ES.,15254.html

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Bar kowino iko Siaya,

Nimeskia kwa news. Very very sad

this cycle is repeated year by year in fear of regional exams. there before named as MOCKS but the name was scraped. its so unfortunate a number of highschools dont have fire defensive mechanisms in this age yet souls are getting lost year by year. Matyang’i amelala ama anafocus tu na kcse ya 2017??
parents are waiting for their kids back home very expectant they are safe.

Boss. Sio watoto walichoma


Poa… Nimeonea watoto


A form three student was burned beyond recognition on Friday after a boys’ dormitory caught fire at Bar Kowino secondary school in Bondo.
The student, who is said to have fallen ill, was sleeping in the dormitory together with his two other colleagues when the fire broke out.

Principal John Mboga said the other two students sustained injuries as they fled from the flames whose spark is yet to be established.
“They alerted other students who were in class at that time.”
He said the students, assisted by the school’s neighbours, tried to put out the fire in vain since it had engulfed the entire block.

“The boy was trapped inside the building. We tried to save him but it was unfortunate he passed on,” Mboga said.
The principal stated that the student burnt as his colleagues and members of the public who were trying to put out the fire helplessly watched.

Bondo OCPD Paul Kiarie said the body is lying at the Bondo sub-county hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Damn! We’re back to this again? It won’t be business as usual in the sector


Don’t be an alarmist


Let’s not pass the blame, the school has a head teacher and a Board of Management it’s their responsibility to make sure fire safety is adhered to.

Speculation on the cause of fire aside, back in high school there was a student who planned to torch our dorm because of an altercation with the school captain. Hadi alikuwa na nyororo ya kufunga mlango kwa nje ndio watu wasitoroke. His to be accomplice who was my classmate (may his soul RIP) snitched on him on the D day. Nearly 100 students would have been collateral damage because of a beef between two people. Saa hii huyo jamaa yuko KDF pahali anapata discipline from his seniors.


So saaad… schools should have sick bays I believe.