Sad photo of the day

Painful goodbye for mother whose two sons were lynched in Kitengela

Very sad I say.

not even time can heal the emotional torture she’s going through…

I hope you’ve been through all of time to know this for a fact.

I can only imagine her anguish. May she find comfort, healing and forgiveness.

ukizaa thugs kama @kyuktothecore what do you expect? there is a narrative the media and talkers have been peddling of them being innocent which has never been supported by DCI . those guyz just look ike thugs. usiku past curfew on unkown grounds. there is something fishy they were doing. pikipiki inaendeshwa usiku for fun aje ukilewa ?

May those young men RIP. Condolences to the family.

Hate to inject politics into this. When a fish rots it’s from the head. Indicative of the Kenyan leadership & society.

In 2013 when Mlevi and Kleptomaniac ran for PORK/DPORK respectively, some of us were opposed to their candidature based on the serious crimes that they were being leveled against them.

We were automatically labeled Jakuonists and automatically assumed that we supported RAO.

Chapter 6 was totally disregarded. Jirongo himself said that he once saw Ruto kill a man, which he has never refuted nor sued the former for defamation.

That point in time would have been a teachable moment in Kenya with them barred to run. That no one at least was above the law.

All and sundry would have known that there are serious consequences to one’s action had the law been applied withput any fear or favor.

With the death of these two young men and the many more that have fallen at the hands of rogue policemen or are ailing in hospital like DJ Evolve should be a cautionary tale.

That fool Babu Owino, Kabogo, Obadi et al still roam around as free men. Why? Mlevi & Kleptomaniac got away with it. The narrative should be clear for all to see and interpret for all that are rational.

In Kenya, justice is applied and dispensed selectively to the poor and have-nots. Not the rich.

Weekendi njema!

I hate to agree with a syphilis mad takataka… but ni ukweli

Time can heal even that !!!