It’s sad, the Kenyan organizers or representative who had accompanied the athletes they could have done something… Very sad indeed

Laumu anayepiga picha! Angeenda kumsaidia kuliko kupiga picha Kulingana na kuwa hapaonekani mtu mwingine karibu!


What are the rules for getting help during a marathon? Are you automatically disqualified? You really can’t blame the officials though. They can’t monitor the entire 42km length.

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What exactly happened to her? It is really unfortunate.
A helping hand never costs anyone anything.

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They have to have that capacity. This is evidence as to why it’s required.

What’s the capacity like? How many stewards on the course? How much distance does a steward cover?

This lady was 800m to the finish line

Everyone is on his own, ukiwa in trouble ukiwa majuu you are on your own, usingojee help from the embassy or any GOK official. [/SIZE]




Yea.Its not always about winning.

I would love to hear the whole story.
You can see her struggling to return to the race, meaning she had not given up.
The moment someone goes to help her she gets disqualified. It’s worse for her because I heard she was leading until that moment.
Perhaps they were giving her time to see if she can get herself back in.

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this is complete and total burnout, once happened to me during a cycling race, ukijaribu kusimama ndio unajua hujui, the spirit and will to finish the race is there but the body has shut down all physical systems. nilijipata kwa AAR ambulance with an oxygen mask


Radcliffe left a stinker , she just had to shit kukimbia sio mchezo

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Kumaanisha msee ana eza die

Unaweza pata alikua on her periods…

Very fast

This is so sad. That people value medals than peoples lives!! Ati camera man is just to watch and witness the whole thing. and kuna guys watching on the side lines busy with selfies…
Is there no rule like ya football where if a player falls the game is stopped for the player to get immediate treatment? Or is IAAF waiting for someone to die so that they can implement something like that?

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Woiiii just seen this nika kumbuka the guy who took a photo of the dying child next to a vulture… Sioni difference yeyote between this camera and the other one, what if ange kick the bucket? Sad indeed

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everything is laughable at the right moment. I laughed at this statement since i know you are now well.

You now explained why the lady was in her state.

Lucky for you, AAR was nearby yet it was a local event. Now this is a world class international event. Hadn’t the organizers thought of emergency response teams or anything like that?

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Mtu hukatika anaisha Kabisa, ebu nikuitie @Gio akuambie vile mtu huskia, you feel and want to throw that bike away and vow never to ride again:D:D:D

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