Uyo ni ujinga ulimuua, alcohol just sped things up. Alikuwa anajaribu kuslide kwa rail ya stairs vile yeye huona kwa movies za detectives. Mushienzi yeye. Heneway, pole kwa familia ya mwenda zake.

Looks like suicide


He was trying slide on the rail,he didn’t have the grip

Meffi!! Suicide is out of question. Jamaa was sliding vile watoi huslide kwa stairs, too sad arikuwa mrefi akaanguka.

Kuna mjinga mwingine alikufa tu hivi in some pub on thika road.

Mtoto wa single mother anayeitwa Muthoni.

Wueh. Huyo jamaa alipata cranial fracture major. Internal bleeding kills a drunk person much faster than a sobber person due to increased heart rate.


Maybe he was pushed.

You survive all the fuckery that is 2020 and with days left to the end of the year you die in such a dumbass way. Feel bad for the family but this man was an idiot.

Watch the video hapo juu.


Ouch. He tried manners of a kipiii. May he slide to heaven

Simjui lakini ni wa home,one vote lost just like that

Ghasia alikuwa na akili ndogo kuliko @poyoloko Darwins theory ilimalisa yeye

The incident might prompt the relevant authorities to review how high a place selling intoxicating drinks and other stuffs should be set up

@Azor Ahai @ChifuMbitika mbona baba yake anaitwa Samuel njuguna Ngotho na yeye anaitwa Arnold mugo MUTHONI ? na clearly si ati ni mtoi wa singo madha

clearly the guy has been named after his maternal relative most probably his grandmother , so is it wrong to say the saperes are a Matrilineal society , Women ndio wanaamua vile kunaenda , vile Lucy alikalia president. i wouldnt be surprised brownskin @Azor Ahai anaitwa Elisaphedus Nyambura na @ChifuMbitika Sampayo Wairimu na @mayekeke anaitwa Sydenafil Waiguru , Males with female names

no wonder 60% of sapere youth population is half luhya coz the sapere men are more female inabidi their females wakuje luhya nation , Mumbi is the king in the sapere nation

I have no female name. My family has a clear patriarchal heritage

weka birth certificate hapa :D:D:D