Sad but True...Uweskimwi a.k.a Lichoti is HIV+ Positive

U guys may take it as a joke bt i with my investigative firm J&J inc. investigated on this matter. Well, what made me become suspicious…u see y/day uweskimwi posted his usual threads where he brags how he has killed a nyoka or kwa lugha ya uchokosh ameua nyoka…Well as usual he provided us with pictorial evidence. Little did the foolish chokosh know that we have doctors up in here. He was told by two Ktalkers(i think ni madaktari) at point blank that if he had dry fried the pictured lady then he should tembeza kiatuVCT.

If u were attentive on tht thread then u must have noticed now Lichoti switched to defensive mode…ati oooh hio unyeusi kwa mkia ya huyo dem ni kitu ya kawa blabla. This defensive mode is what made J&J inc tuamusha aerial and dig deeper.

Well, as u know J&J inc has inside moles in uwesmakes telegram group where Lichoti posts raw photos of his sex excapades. We scrutinized the pix very well na kusema ukweli this nigga ia playing with live wire or already has. Before i continue with my investigative report lemme give u a preview of the ladies he bangs so tht we can be on the same page…

Jus look at that mwoman and be the judge…the chokosh proudly said he banged her dry fry…I don’t know about ya’ll niggas bt as for me hata snoggy kutoka hii sampuli siwezi dare. walks like ukedi, looks like ukedi and quacks like ukedi.

is he trying hide from something by drinking too much…Does he know he has ukedi? my guess is YES…kimepimwa and knows he will go drying soon and that is why he drinks and chips fungaz ladies to spread the disease.

Well one of my investigation colleague got this picture bt i cannot confirm…he tells me it’s uweskimwi recuperating kitandani…
Investigations are still on bt rest assured Lil’choti has the virusi


Thanks J&J inc. He sure as hell won’t eat my pussy! I see ukedi allover uweskimwi…:smiley:


And whats the problem with that?

Where I come from anyone suffering from an STI/STD is celebrated and is usually referred to as ‘ITAIWA’ or simply a cockerel or jogoo for the laymen. DFKHMK is the order of the day, sisi apan tambua nylon…


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chunganeni kama motiso na kamau kwa duka ya mhindi.

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Chokosh wars
Season 17.

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the chokosh wars begin kungoja jibu sasa

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Chezeni safe my pple

He he

When it comes to Aids, my dad gave me two good advice that has stayed with me. Before you talk, go for a test now and then 3 months later. Secondly this is a cruel world that bad things happen to good people regularly. The sick can outlive you so be kind to everyone. Maddo of standard did a mad mad world drawing on aids back in the 90’s that stuck with me. Its headline was “Having unprotected sex is like driving blindly from Nairobi to Mombasa” Dry fry is a certain death sentence in the era of Aids but be kind to everyone. I made my peace with @uwesmake and only God knows our tenure here on earth.


luwere luwere utawacha clichy utaenda utawacha bukusu shepart utaenda utawachia @Wakanyama mama clichy luwere nyasae akhulinde


and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor…

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Are you saying that soon, we’ll be saying… "Makosa ya marehemu hakuweka rubber mpangoni?..


Sio jay baby boy inc?

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Upuzi ni kuweka screen protector kwa smart phone na wewe unakula “tutem” dry fry.


what do you mean you made peace?

Is that why @uwesmake has a four jointed finger?

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Utawacha chips na gurana utaenda*2

Ala! Ni kama kulikuwa na ceasefire na sasa imeexpire.