Sacrified in the alter of political expediency

Usitukane wakunga hali uzazi ungalipo[ATTACH=full]280766[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]280767[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]280768[/ATTACH]

We will make Laikipia great again. Kiunjuri knows all the ways of the tribe, and they hate him for that. He knows how to talk before the elders

Kiunjuri sacrificed himself. If he was a hard worker in the ministry of Agriculture people would come out and complain. But there’s nobody complaining.
By 31 January he will be forgotten

What did Kiunhuri mean by saying hell react?

@Motokubwa ukiwashwa jikune khasia. TOJ hio kiulocust iendee ikikaukanga. He is useless show me one thing he has ever done to Kenya. And I will give 1000 bob saa hii.

Good riddance

Butchermeffi najua umejikuna kichwa sana ndo uandike hio heading

Kiunjuri is an inept ghasia but so was his boss and most colleagues. If he was singing the boss’ tune, the only punishment he can get is being moved to another ministry or ambassador job like his predecessors.