Sacked from the UN for refusing to be screwed by the boss

Hope she pulls through. Looks like she can still work. But she’s lost a lot of weight. Since you know a lot of people, why can’t you make a call for her to get a job? She also could have saved the house in Runda. If at all only 4 million was the balance, she could have approached a rich person and given them a stake to clear the balance. But it takes years before a house is auctioned. And I’m wondering if she owns the current house, looks pretty decent.

cooked tuko shitty stories

Again, they auction at market rate or at least 80 % the value and take their 4 million na wanakupatia balance.

You sort yourself with that which should be tens of millions in her case.

Huyu most likely ni dawa ama pombe alitumia