Sabina Joy ya WaLatino - Osha Mcho

Hapa kila lanye ni mali safi by Kenyan standards bana…

Wueh. Enyewe it is human nature. Entrance kama ya SJ. Line-up kama ya River Road. I think prostitution is part of human nature. If the average woman is subjected to specific financial and environmental pressures, they default to prostitution. Same goes for men and crime.

Yaani its bars and langas allover… how do they expect niggas to have a productive life!!
And bitch in that bitch has a fat ass.

Hawa ni porn actors

There’s is a shanty near Kabalagala in uganda it’s called kikuba mutwer All businesses in this patch of about 1km² are built around pussy business.

Need to be very careful in South America especially Colombia utakulishwa mchele, lots of thugs and gangs not forgetting a lot of shemales

Enyewe $hithole nyairofi has a long way to go in terms of cleanliness

Colombia is the last place on earth I’d recommend mingling with lanyes. If you are lucky you will only lose your kidneys.
When I was in Uni we had a seriouly hot contingent of Colombians. Hadi the only Spanish phrase I know is,
“Tu eres la chica mas guapa de ersta la escuala” - “You are the hottest chica in school”.
It always won me a big hearty smile for the effort.

Some of those nice looking lasses are men…that’s the problem with Latin America.

Enyewe Colombia ina mali safi sana. Lakini chunga gangs za huko. Ogopa!

Colombia has the best lanyes,kwanza Cartagena, thanks to YouTube.

@Randy nyumba ya bricks kama hizo 3 bedroom cost ni ngapi roughly. Hio ndio dream house am planning kujenga.

Peana size ya nyumba in square meters. Nyayo Estate Embakasi na West Pointe Madaraka zote ni 3 bedroomed but one is nearly 2 and a half times larger than the other. 68 m^2 vs 165 m^2.

…hujaona wa kutoka Venezuela…

@Starscream kuja uone goals

Strangely they carry out some of the worst crimes abroad. Along with Eastern Europeans. From people trafficking to money laundering.

Of course you as a Kenyan have barely seen any Latina women, so wote watakaa exotic mali safi at first. Stay a couple weeks huko utaanza kuwazoea.

Most Latinos are drug peddlers. Izo za traficking achia watu wa Europe!

3 bedroom without dimensions is ambiguous…
It could mean anything…

They do traffic people too…bank card frauds nizao pia…