Sabina Joy still on top

In this 2022 Sabina Joy still remains the best brothel in the capital city, followed by Amar, actually the offer the best customer service. At number three we have VIP,followed by Rico, then Kitale. At the bottom on the list we have Tearoom, Somerset,Relax Inn and Sofia Joy. Young Drifters is not in the list coz is an upcoming brothels. Eureka still not doing as well as it used to do before and not safe at all.

Sin is sin, no matter where it’s done

Tea room imekosea wapi

Nakubaliana nawe master

Sabina Joy ni mama yao na sio tafadhali

Eureka imefanya nini mkuu,

Sawa deputy Jesus.
We’ll meet on heavens entrance ukiwa na checklist register apo kando ya Yesu.
Mushenzi, pumbaf, ghassia!