Sabina Joy Really Has Beautiful Women

I have been reading stories here about the qualities of the working girls in Sabina Joy and often dismissed them as the horny rantings of sex addicted losers. I apologise. The sex addicted losers are right and I actually see why they can never stop frequenting this place.

I spent about an hour there this afternoon and just watched the people. The girls were very well dressed and the place smells much better than I expected. I drank one beer while watching one working girl’s yellow soft thighs and the whole time I was thinking “kumbe talkers hawakua wanachocha.”

Stay safe, use condoms. I’ll be visiting again soon when I have more time to try out the activities offered.


Hata x-ray ya chupa ya beer hatujakataa mkuu


As a first time visitor, I don’t know the etiquette around taking photos in that esteemed establishment, so I just kept my phone away and enjoyed the sights.



Don’t you ever try taking pictures, utapigwa na hao madem and the dudes drink, na June many a re cops, jeshi types. Late Last month iko jamaa tried taking videos, alionwa vibare sawa sawa. And his phone taken and videos and pictures deleted by management.


Unless it’s a discreet body cam well concealed. Anyone taking pics kwa sluthouses is wishing his death . Kuna mambimbi na maMBWAna za watu innocent kwa hizi nyumba za ukora