sabina joy................................kwa maraya!

Yesterday was a bad day ! those who know know. People have different ways of dealing with grief and me particularly I just shut down, I keep to myself , I dont let people in (funny enough i encourage guys to speak out!). when negative energy accumulates i must find away of getting rid of it either hit the gym, run, drink or fuck. So when i got to tao jana i called my regular sperm receiver and she was “raining” and would not have any of my vibes ( i am known for hitting it under all weather conditions) Nikasema fuck it wacha niingie karumaindo nikojoe halafu beer moja niiende home. I was with a colleague.

Now ladies and gentlemen kama hujawai ingi sabina joy just pack your shit and go back home! legend has it that jezebel herself hangs her bra there. The joint has been patronized by millions of people since nairobi was just a barren land. Many have lost a fortune trying to fill the bottomless pit in karumaindo other life too. Soldiers from 7kr have christened it as “other ranks mess”. Now i dont fack hoes no more, sure i have done several in my day but that chapter is done. I just love seeing them as i drink my beer. True to its fame the place was lively, it renovated and full of women. Kuna momo wawili walinitesa sana. The women are beatiful mpaka nikauliza mwingine why she decided to sell the cat…ustake jua majibu.

somrthing about the hoes though they stick in packs and kiss and caress and entice the men who seemed unintereested maybe due to hard economic times. At one point my friend took an extended absence and i suspected he stepped outside to buy airtime. Kuna mmoja i called to my table and bought her guiness kubwa and striked a conversation with her. She was yellow yellow big burst and and arse to boot . Her pony hair was neatly done boobs exposed , a mini skirt and seductive lipstick. Tulikata naye maji mpaka around 12 ndo friend akarudi. Honestly speaking i almost had my way with her but nikasema wacha tu. To cut the long story short sijui nilifika aje home fuck gk.

Rest well brother p i did a lap of honour in your memory till we meet again salut!
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nice weekend you sick fucktards

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R.i.p to your pal.

Sorry for your loss boss.


Nataka kujua jibu ya huyo malaya. Why did she start selling?

Halafu naskianga kiingereza kimebadilika tangu tutoke shule. Wakati wetu past tense ya “strike” ilikuwa “struck” sio “striked”.

some airtime!:D:D:D:D

sorry about your friend.

Pole bro. Shit happens. May your friend RIP

:D:DI recommend hii iongezwe kwa Lexicon.
Sorry for the loss

Sorry for your loss, at least you had a way to let off some negative steam. I believe that atmosphere sufficed.

Yeye aliniambia it’s just choice sio circumstances …still high as a kite stroke,struck,striked hapana tambua

Sorry for your loss Chief

hehehe…sabina joy naiskianga tu. I suspect if I ever went there to nourish my eyes I would meet an uncle or one of professors.


went there sometime on work basis…hapo Malaya wako tempting sana. kama hujaeka drops za kerosene kwa breakfast io siku utauliwa na boner

Pole for your loss.

MHRIP. Pole sana @imei2012

Pole sana boss @imei2012 May you pal RIP


only fags visits brothels to have a chitchat with hoes,but what do i know?

Hii Sabina sijatembea would like to have a glance of it.pole for your loss MHSRIP