Sabina Chege the petite...!

What is this woman eating nowadays? Hitting the mighty wall? As far as I can remember, this Ex-Tausi actor used to be a petite chocolate bubbly short-haired beautiful lady. I was shocked to see a hippopotamus farting on a microphone like a rabid dog and I almost confused her with Gladys Wanga. Probably assimilation via association!


Wacha niskie maoni…

Age bro.
We all bulge in our 30s & 40s
Do you look the same as you were 25 years ago?

Her daughter ako third year in some Australian Uni, Mali safi kabisa

Leta picha

She is a stupid piece of shit.
With that utterance about Jubilee rigging she single handedly betrayed all those thurakus who queued from 3am to vote for dynamic duo.
Well as far as central is concerned she is feerckd very well in her ass.

Kubali Mliiba

Hero hii kuliko ile nguruwe za UDA.

Trust me,despite those remarks and Murangaians kicking her butts,she will still get a lucrative govt post come next regime,whether Rutos or Railas.System should be casting such riff raffs into some dumping ground somewhere


Sii naskianga hawa female politicians wote huwa na ile kitu after repeatedly dishing it out to party honchos for nominations and colleagues. Sasa hio kitu sii mnajua inaendanishanga na matembe Fulani zenye hufurisha. Mnanipata? Are we together?

Dude am mad.
How could she be that reckless?

Kwanza yeye alianza kupatiana one man guitar before politics. Grip hakuna hapo… Although akinipea siwes kataa

This is usually the weakest link argument. When men see a woman moving up the ranks, and they themselves can’t match the speed, they will always claim she’s dishing it out.

True. But in Kenyan politics, for a woman, if she is not a dynasty like Susan Kihika or Rachel Shebesh, she will probably have to sleep with a senior politician at some point to accelerate her career. Not many escape it. How did someone like Cate Waruguru become a woman rep? Or Millicent Omanga a senator?

Leta hekaya elder. Hata sisi peasant tujue shenanigans za deep state

So Omanga, Naisula, Kananu et al got to where they are purely on merit?

She’s the daughter of a Regional politician, she’s related to the President, her first husband is rich AF and she’s tougher than you’ll ever be.

Does that reverse ile kitu?

she likes younger men, mostly CEOs