Sabina Chege admitted to Nairobi hospital

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege wants Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to reschedule her ‘vote rigging’ case citing health conditions.
Through her lawyers James Orengo, Otiende Amollo and Martin Aloo, the lawmaker asked for another date saying she is unwell and admitted to Nairobi Hospital.

Kenyans will always be taken for a ride for electing con leaders who go to same bed with lawyers and judiciary.

She will be “sick” until things cool down then IEBC waachane naye.

All politicians play this card…remember Sonko and Lillian Omollo of NYS…lawyer Assa Nyakundi who killed his son spent a good 6months in hospital.

Very convenient.

Na akienda huko na uongo alafu ugonjwa ya ukweli ikuje impige kiboko Moto ?

Karma should find all these characters who pretend to be sick

Are you talking about Serut? And that total man fella?:D:D:D

Kuna ndege ilianguka somewhere in Busia full of politicians. Some of the old folks in here kina @FieldMarshal CouchP and his fellow ancestors can remember. It was one of the best moments to be living in this country

That accident would have been deadlier considering the people who survived…tuju again survived, karua, khaniri,Githae and jebii kilimo…some woria minister was the only casualty on the spot…and years later wanyiri kihoro’s wife followed
The accidents which shook me to the core are the ones that took the likes of chelanga, Godana, Saitoti and also mirugi kariuki

It’s not good to celebrate evil

The late Kones sponsored killings around Sotik area. We celebrated his death btw.

Atî mlisema huyu anakuwanga na ile kitu?

admitted TO or IN hospital ?

Add Kipkalya Kones and the Luo guy nmemsahau


Martin Oloo

Y’all called in sick when you ene really sick. Tuko nyuma ya Mrembo (to who the hat fit) Sabina Chege 100%

Labour Minister Mohammed Khalif was very articulate. He never even got to give a speech as minister. Ndio huyo minute 1.11, the year was 1998 and he was SUPKEM secretary generali :

Almost all Kenyan politicians wanafaa kuwa admitted kwa mental institutions.