Saa Zingine Heri Kufa Kuliko Kuwekwa Kwa Life Support Miaka Sita.

Michael Schumacher sustained a traumatic brain injury following a tragic ski accident in 2013, and fans of the former F1 champion have clamoured for health updates in the years following. The legendary driver has been largely bed-bound since his accident, with sparse statements on his health. Family members and close friends release occasional corrections on Schumacher’s state, preferring to keep his privacy guarded.



it doesnt make sense kuweka mtu kwa life support for more than one year. Anakula na kubreath na tube

The money involved in keeping him alive is staggering.
But he has a very good wife. Not many wives can sell all the properties to just try and save a her husband.

Wengi wanakuekea sumu ndio ukufe they remain with B10’s with money to boot.

skiing on rocks?

that guy is suffering and the family should let him rest in peace.

Even Daniel Moi is on life suport…muzee amekataa kukufa Abadaaan kataan!

Jean-Piere Adams , former France international footballer has been in a coma for over 36years…yes 36years and his wife has been by him all that time…beat that.

This isn’t how I would like to go out. I would prefer going out with a bang. Mtu akipitisha life support six months, kubalini tu aende, including me.

Michael Schumacher’s net worth is $800 million… not kshs. 8 million.

Tafakari hayo.

They could keep him alive for 30 years with that money if they want. And he is still making money as an invalid.

Schumacher is also very wealthy.

Exactly. Most (smart) athletes make more money from image promotions and royalties than they do from actual prize money and wages from their teams.

To which the wife has sold many houses and holiday homes to sustain him all that long. The wife was quoted “if it can not help Schumacher then I do not need it” when selling the holiday home and private jet.
Not many wives can stay beside a “vegetable” man

Ingekuwa hawa kunguru wetu wa kenya the man could be six feet under saa hii

Hawa Kenya ndio wanakumaliza. They harakisha your death process :D:D:D:D

Yani unahepa kifo kwa race for all those years then inakupata off-road!!

Mazee. Hii maisha bana.

Kwanza ukifanya nyororoka, zile sliding we used to do kukinyesha.

he missed the turn ,genius