Saa Ingine Pesa Mingi Ni Mateso. Pesa Za Michael Schumacher Ni Zakumtesa While Enriching Private Medics

Kama ni mimi nasema wazime hiyo Life support. Kukaa kwa coma for 8 years, heri kwenda kimoja

7+ Years kwa kitanda. Heri kufa


Alaa…he still on life support.
They interviewed his fam some time 2019 even though they werent giving much away…the situation sounded dire.
Pole sana kwa huyo msito.

Wamwachilie Tu aende

This incident happened nikiwa bado shule, damn. Aachiliwe aende tu

F1 drivers live a sad life.

Must be the haunting of Senna

Kuna watu hurecorver ata after 20yrs Kuna mwingie woke up as a woman and couldn’t understand how her best friend is a mother yet yesterday they were teens.

Kuna footballer amekaa for 40 years in coma.

Link to that story please

There is continuance advancement in the field of science. So long as someone is not dead there is hope.

Saa hizi wamespend how much surely?

Tens of Millions of dollars mpaka wameuza manyumba na pj’s. They’re obviously not broke lakini imekuwa gharama.

I commend their faith.

Kuna a longer video

He’s dead technically. He might as well use his money. Otherwise, where will it go?

Huyo shoemaker alifanya nini coma ipate?

Akae on life machine for as long as he can afford it.

He hit his head on rocks while he fell during a skiing session. ( :smiley: hoping u aint trolling)

Question to ponder with this whole thing that 'one can be dead and still be alive…'Amazing human fea. If it happens he gains full consciousness ie…appears in global media, etc… That would be absolutely amazing.
Anyway, wh does it seem like LW is disliked in the F1 world? I became a fan of F1 about a year ago and i don’t like Mr. Verstappen…
Crazy how ‘random human beings’ can dislike/love strangers.