S8/S8+ missing sim toolkit issue.

Handled a few cases of S8 and S8+ lacking the sim toolkit. It isn’t in the system apps and it’s also not in the app drawer. It’s like the firmware lacks the app because flashing different variations doesn’t work.
Instantly the app drawer should display the sim toolkit launcher icon but it’s not. Is it a common issue? Anyone experienced this matter? Haven’t spotted any solutions because it may not be as common as I think it is but 3 clients each went back home disappointed.

labda iko hapo tu ni wee hujui kutumia screen and its topology.

If the S8 Home CSC is Kenyan, then the Sim toolkit will appear in the app drawer but not as an app. It will however be usable with the Mysafaricom App.

Owned it some time back, never had such an issue

I have an S8
The SIM Toolkit is there…
But it doesn’t work. So I use a different Phone for transactions requiring Sim Toolkit i.e Mpesa…
From my Research I have concluded that this mainly happens when you are in a different region from the intended Phone Market

S8 from chinese market