S3 Screen

Anyone who has or knows where I can get an S3 screen @ a fair price.

S3 ni fossil! nunua tecno kama peasant wenzako.


It is unnecessarily expensive to replace such old phone screen. You might also not get the quality unless it is canibalised off an old phone.

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Karua is back. :wink:

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Chloe…Am normally very much arnd

Go to any Samsung service centre kama uko Nairobi.

Luthuli Avenue, there’s a shop past the electronics building, that’s the main shop where “fundis” buy replacement items. Alternatively, there’s a shop exactly where Kenya Mpya busses pack, probably behind the current bus been boarded.

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S3 is the best phone I ever used. Everything you need with no gimmicky features. Hata yangu ilicrack screen. Samsung said I needed 24k to replace the screen. I bought the phone @18k.

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Should have imported online then have it fixed locally.

Ndio kunaendanga. My sony digital tv is also under my bed. Bought it 42k, screen cracked and sony service centre was charging 22k for repair. Just bought Hisense for 29k and moved on.


Tv ni screen chief. Hiyo ingine ni reciever tu kama ya greatwall.


Hakuna screens za wa-chinku Nai. Mm bado nko coast msituni


Hapa huja show VE mzima poa kabisaa.

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poor quality stuff

Go to Kenya cinema 3rd floor. Just after the lift (on your right kama umepanda na lift ama left kama umepanda na stairs) kuna shop ya phone repair hapo. Watakuwekea hadi mafuta ile inafanya inawobble ukibonyeza. Waambie umetumwa na coaches. Watacharge kitu 3k. I can guarantee you those guys are legitimate. Dont mind the cold treatment from the kareception they employed juzi. Thank me later and ooo wacha zangu za macho hapo ntapitia baadaye.


KC wako genuine

Cents unajua hao wathii

new screen complete enda diamond plaza ground floor there is some chuti shop that does that. 9k