S. Sudan News: Dude's Co Wives Give Birth to Triplets Each On Same Day.....


Two young ladies married to the same man gave Birth yesterday to 6 children,4 boys and 2 girls,all Sound and Healthy

The Father is happy Praising God the all Day

Now that’s a face of PNC proper

Raising 6 toddlers to adults isn’t a joke

This is anti globalists population control agenda.

Yaani jamaa alifikisha threshold on both his bitches on the same night. And on both occasions somehow managed to breed deep inside then, after releasing triple distilled laser guided hypersonic shots. @Malong yor ebu weka signature

A fellow Dinka.

huyu ni Dickher!

Imagine raising 6 kids hii Nairobi with typical formal employment salary


Huyo nurse in pink ako hepi ju atleast hayuko kwa hio mix.