Ryan was a little nervous, never having done anything like this before. He had been fantasizing over it for years, though, much of the time lying in bed thinking about the same woman who was about to make his dreams come true. Already he thought of it as the greatest day of his life and he knew it was going to get better.

It got much better for both of them. With her pussy and his cock both ready, Marian held the tip against her tight opening and lowered her body slightly. She gave a great sigh of delight as the head wedged into her, sending joy coursing through her body. To prolong the initial blissful sensation, she stayed where she was for a few seconds, before putting her hand back on the bed and slowly lowering her body to envelop more of Ryan’s cock.

She stopped again when it was halfway inside her. This was the biggest and hardest and youngest cock she had felt in a long time, maybe ever. Incredible pleasure was radiating outward from its path, from where the thick shaft was stretching her opening to where the head was burrowing into her and expanding her love channel. Fresh juices gushed inside her pussy, easing the deeper passage of the big shaft. Marian moaned with joy from the sensations that swirled through her.

“Are you okay?” Ryan was concerned about her moaning and hoped he wasn’t hurting her.

“More than okay. Your dick is making me feel just wonderful. How does my pussy feel to you?”

“Great. Better’n anything I ever felt.”

“I’m really glad to heat that, and it’s going to get even better.” Marian slowly lowered her body the rest of the way until she was completely impaled on Ryan’s cock and she could feel his pubic hair tickling her sensitive and engorged pussy lips. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled out from the entire length of its presence inside her and she paused again to revel in the incredible sensations.

She decided to use the more intimate female superior position, with its full body contact, later moving to the cowgirl if she needed it to cum. From the way her pussy felt already, she could almost have an orgasm without even moving, just lying on top of the young man while his cock filled her to capacity. Marian leaned forward, stretching her legs out beside Ryan’s and curling her arms under his. Her lips were close to his ear and she could intimately whisper directions to him.

“Bend your knees,” she told him. “Put your feet flat on the bed. Oooo, yeah, like that.” When he bent his knees, his legs forced her thighs farther apart, getting his cock a fraction of an inch deeper into her pussy. Even greater swells of pleasure radiated out, inundating her body.

Slowly, pulling with her forearms and pushing from her knees, Marian moved her body forward until she could feel that only the head of Ryan’s cock remained inside her. She paused and reversed her direction, pushing back and again enclosing his hard shaft in her pussy. Ryan felt his cock being enveloped and reflexively thrust forward to meet her, eliciting another ecstatic moan when she squished against his pubic area. This time he didn’t ask about it because it felt so good to him that he almost made the same sound.

“Yes! Yes! Like that! Keep doing that,” Marian whispered into his ear. There was no need to whisper because nobody could have heard them anyhow, but the intimacy increased their enjoyment.

Both of them kept doing that, Marian sliding forward and back and Ryan driving his cock in to meet her. As they slowly and affectionately fucked, Marian could feel her level of pleasure mounting and knew she would cum soon.

Until then, Ryan’s arms had been lying at his side but Marian wanted to get them into action. “Put your hands on my ass. Okay, but put your fingers inside the cleft. Oooo, yeah. Yeah, that feels good.” A different kind of delight rippled through her body as she felt his fingertips caressing her puckered hole.

A few dozen slow, deep strokes later, Marian knew she was on the verge of cumming. “I’m ready to cum, Ryan. When I start, hold onto me and keep fucking into me, but harder and faster.”


She picked up the speed of her strokes and Ryan matched the increased pace. At the end of every one, just as her pussy lips pressed wetly against him, she raised her ass, scraping her clit against the top of his cock. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Marian whimpered as she felt a tsunami of pleasure rising to overwhelm her.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me!” she blurted out.

Her movements became more erratic, her lower body wobbling on top of Ryan. He remembered what she had said, though, and held tightly to her ass cheeks while driving his cock in and out of her. His own pleasure was mounting too, from how tightly her pussy was squeezing his cock and from the knowledge that she was cumming from what his cock was doing. As he plunged it over and over into her pussy, he pushed down on her ass, maintaining the contact with her clit that she needed.

“Ah! AH!” Marian cried out, her back arching and her body clenching as she climaxed. After her orgasm, she lay quietly on top of Ryan, who kept ramming his cock in and out of her pussy.


Siwezi soma.
Too much porn lately in this village. What happened to the good wonderful hekayas we used to have?

This is not original…


Yeah pia nimesoma line kadhaa nkafeel aaaai zii… ile broken english husaidia authenticity… we want authentic