Rxximba Uache Kutuchafua Macho

@rexxsimba this is the basic quality of eye cleansing we demand. Anything addition is a welcome bonus


Demand … ???
As WHO exactly … ???
Who elected you to speak on behalf of anyone here …??

I want to make it Crystal Clear to both you and all the other Opinionated Juvenile Morons in here …

1/ Stick to your inferior lanes …hatuko mashindano hapa …
2/ I don’t give a Rat’s behind what you or any one here thinks of anything I post …
3/ If by any chance you view something you don’t like … Move along quietly…

my friend mr. simba is in business not entertainment. you buy what he has or just look elsewhere.

For the sake of clarity …
I already have a rewarding day time occupation as a Health Professional …

BBW appreciation is just a side hobby … :smiley:


Drop more pics daktari…

swafi kabisa kama Hii naimezea mate saidi. but we all have different tastes and preferences. Juu ya Hii maneno ongeza zingine

No one should seek to regulate another. If you dislike what is posted, raise the bar.

Be the change you want…

Hizi mimi ulalia ikilala hivo na kusqueeze rungu hapo ijitafutie ikusde…penda sana

shikilia hii kwanza naleta zingine


A kunguru selling to highest bidder

A person in business always displays his/her wares

Health professional ndo kusema nini Mr fantasize?

Exactly!! Lakini kwanza unapaka hio butt crack yake massage oil kama tomato sauce kwenye chipsi.

the fool @rexxumbwa is some illiterate stupid fool somewhere in a refugee camp hata class eight sidhani alimaliza

I concur. Based on bottom of the barrel he posts as his best pick. He is some unexposed mofo.

Hapo sawa boss. Huyo jamaa mwingine should be jailed for assaulting and insulting our distinguished eyes.
Na hii central natake nipange extensive tour. It’s full of gems.

What a sweet ass!