RWNBP Upgrade / Update : Official Switch from UOTP to RWNBP

We are now switching sides, Team UOTP officially becomes Team RWNBP.
The other side will find their own Acro.
From here henceforth, I declare RWNBP acronym upgraded & Updated to Ruto Will Never Be President. Thou shall only use it to denote the aforementioned.

The Odyssey condinyus

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I second

Aka Kamiti Bound Arap Mashamba

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:D:D:D Haraka ya nini? Wacha tujenge nchi kwanza, 2022 haiko mbali


Ruto has no competitor 2022. Unless in your dreams you expect someone somwhere will shoot out of nowhere to challenge Ruto 2022. IMO if Kambas or Luhyas front a presidential candidate or running mate in another coaltion 2022, then Ruto will have no other choice but to pick a person from GEMA. The result will be that Ruto will win the elections easily because of tyranny of numbers but it will make the country more ethnically polarised.


His earthquakness William Samoei Ruto…

Ruto atajua kikuyu never support an outsider apart from their own .


Who is the person the Kikuyu are likely to front from the current politicians?. From where I sit, I do not see any credible person. The only option, they have is to support a person from another tribe. The question will be who can they trust most? I believe they will answer 2022.




all the kikuyu’s who were team UhuRuto i know can’t wait for 2022 to proudly vote in Mr Samoei Ruto. your’s truly leading


We almost saw the same issue after Kibaki, what happened and it’s the same uhuru kikuyus opposed and chose kibaki, I don’t think they will vote a women and children burning fool

Kibaki had already groomed Uhuru for succession after 2007 elections if you were keenly following politics. He made him a Deputy Prime Minister and Uhuru had also organized himself by not vying for presidency but supporting Kibaki knowing he will be the next kingpin. Now which Kingpin of the Kikuyus is being molded. What I can only see is that all are angling to be Ruto’s running mate. That should signal something to you…

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RWNBP will morph into ROTP(Ruto One Term President ) come 2027.


Ruto should listen to what kabogo told him fullstop

But Kabogo is now out of political scene. The biggest threat to Ruto should be if those statements are coming from Mps, governors and senators who are in power currently not Kabogo. Kabogo was shamelessly defeated when he tried to race against Waititu while claiming Ruto rigged him out. He needs to find a way of resuscitating himself politically first, but the most unfortunate thing for him is that he is not there for Kikuyu nation when he is needed the most. Like right now …where is he? Where is Peter Kenneth? This should be their time to be recognized. Voters/People reward loyalty and friendship the most…if u can be with them at most trying times be assured of their support anytime…Like the support Uhuru gave to Kibaki and Kikuyu nation during 2007 violence. That explains why he is president.


And just like that Luos tumebaki uchi…nobody to run to politically…anyway 2022 bado mbali we will raise a King…and he will rule with a golden rod.

actually, i have always maintained that the day odinga’s rule in Luo ends, the real Luo stars will be seen and we shall have a luo president. someone in the ilk of that kibera mp not loud mouthed confrontational do nothings like Miguna.

Your analisys is based on the premise that Rao will run. Or someone like Rao will Run. Someone with a proper grip on NASALand I promise you, the dynamics will have shifted extremely. To this day, I still wonder how a Luo-Kao alliance worked twice. Kaos are basically Gemas from the perspective of a non-gema-non-kao. Ruto’s nilotic self will be in for a surprise.

The people who have this tired line on their lips don’t even know the subtribe of the kikuyu community. They are the same guys who always said that there would be no election on 26/10…
I truly say to u, on 9/08/2022, Arap Ruto will be in statehouse. This son of a peasant has already achieved what the son of a former v.p never achieved.


for a sample of how kikuyu ELECTED leaders think, here you go
[SIZE=6]Kiambu politicians praise media shutdown, say Ruto ready for 2022[/SIZE]
Feb. 03, 2018, 3:00 pm
Politicians who support the shutdown include governor Ferdinand Waititu, Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Moses Kuria (Gatundu South), Jonah Mburu (Lari), Jude Jomo (Kiambu Town), Patrick Wainaina (Thika Town) and speaker Stephen Ndichu.

They said the move showed deputy president WIlliam Ruto is ready to take over leadership when Uhuru finishes his second term in 2022

Ichungwa said: “Your excellency, you showed leadership and we are now asking you and the president to concentrate on building our country and uniting our people as we handle Raila and his people.”
Ndichu added Kenyans have been awed by Ruto’s show of leadership for the last three days and are eagerly awaiting his rule after the next presidential election.

“As far as the presidency is concerned, the die is cast and you can rely on the support of the Mt Kenya region,” he told the DP.