Rwandese women are fine with their men beating them as a form of punishment

According to statistics from the Demographic and Health survey of 2020, 65% of Rwandese women are fine with their men beating them as a form. of punishment. Hapa ni BDSM pro max chini ya maji:D:D:D [ATTACH=full]501127[/ATTACH]

@SledgeHammer , unaitwa huku

Not in this time and age.

Maybe, just maybe they were beaten to take up such a retrogressive poll.

labda ni ile kijiti ingine

thats the way @Freyja

…We should travel to this country and beaten them on bed…:D:D

These women are manipulative n the word humility does not exist with them…
They are actually the ones who marry the men and try to mould them to whichever fantasies they think of…the number of weddings taking place is on another scale…
Then the women continues sleeping outside like its aomething normal

Lets speed up East African Community integration ndio hawa wanawake wafike KE in force

Very submissive women

Just take a tour over there no need for a visa…mack you they squirt too

Not proper rwandese women, even trying to smash one when not dating is not very easy as compared to any other countries in eastern africa from my experience. exclude djibouti cause who the heck is from there

Ati beaten…degree muhimu aisee

When you miss a dark humor in it hence the laughter this how you behave like a lady on her menstrual cycle.

Wow!!! Unbelievable :confused:

Nataka nikamue kamukamu

Ingia ndege ufike in a few hours