Rwandair is set to welcome 2 additional aircrafts soon. Boeing 737-800NG is set to join the Rwandair family mid November and thereafter Airbus A330-300 makes its flight from France to Kigali.

Mid 2017, another Boeing 737-800NG will join the fleet.



Wapatie KQ compe roho safi ndio nihame kutoka emirates nikakamue hao air hostess

They’ve also announced they plan to fly NY - Kigali by 2019.

Boeing 737-800NG


Airbus A330-300


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Nacheki unachocha …ile matt ya Emirates ndo unaongelea?


Mimi ni mbirrionaire matt ni nini?

good for them, they are really resilient people.

there services are soo good (humble pple) and the food is good too, don’t forget about the small Mitsingi beer to teremsha it down

…and their fair is reasonable.
Kigali is
Usd152 return compared to KQ’s USD 300


It’s good progress, hope they manage to beat the competition ,read Ethiopian airlines.

They may force the price further downwards next year if open skies policy is implemented


This is not true

Actually you are right. Just reviewed their fares on kayak and difference is 3$.

There’s a time I was travelling to Kigali and KQ was actually cheaper.

They should partner with Tanzania air and open up east ,central and southern africa. Kigali should be the next hub connecting rest of africa.

They have 5th freedom partnership with Ethiopian

Tanzania will just pull them down. We all know that Tanzanians are lazy and are always to pull everyone down

Meaning ?

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