Rwanda told the USA to "Shove it"

[SIZE=7]Rwanda told the USA to “Shove it”[/SIZE]

U.S. expecting Rwanda to take used clothes and shoes that even Americans don’t want and Rwanda gave him a piece of
their mind despite the U.S.'s threats.

Here’s the article

Why is USA so agitated by Rwanda refusal to take its used clothes? It’s not like Rwanda refused to allow Fords or iPhones into the Rwanda market. Wajuaji wanafaa watuambie form ni gani hapa

Let Rwanda ban the 2nd hand stuff. I hope kuna alternatives.

Time for democracy

we should follow suit grow our own textile industries

Rwanda has every right to ban second hand clothes, but they should also accept counter measures with the suspension of AGOA. Which means they won’t have free access to American markets. If they think it’s worth it, more power!

Wapi? Hawana alternatives. Walikuwa wanauliza kwa TV juzu kwani kagame anataka watu wavae uniform juu zile nguo govt. inatengeneza zinafanana. Dictator. Na nguo zenyewe hazitoshi demand.

What’s that book? Was it 1984? The dystopian future where the dictator makes everyone wear a uniform.

Kagame banned paperbags and now in Rwanda people deal in paper bags as if they are handling crack cocaine. Zinafichwa hadi kwa ngotha na bra na wamama wa soko. Juu like his friend here in Kenya hakuleta alternatives. Mrwandese atabeba nyama na nini? They have these soups they buy ready made and other condiments, wabebe na nini?

They should just ban them, You can’t develop if your always scared of simple consequences like this. Matter a fact these clothes have both economic and social effects so it’s best to get rid of em

That’s not how you fight dumping. To fight dumping you first build your own industries yaani create alternatives. There are no shortcuts.

Empower the local clothes designers, create schools for them. Yaani kitu itakuwa na impact even in the future. Not something shortlived. And it takes time to build an industry.

How did Milan become a fashion capital? Steal that idea then implement back home. Such that your people make something competitive. Then when you have a competing product in the market, give your own national products incentives e.g lower taxes against foreign crap.

But forcing people to buy govt. clothing that is socialism. And with that system you bring in a worse animal called magendo or black market.

If you wanted to get rid of foreign mobile phones, you don’t ban them. Zitaingia tu through magendo. And they’ll be very expensive and as a govt. you can’t tax the black market. Essentially you end up losing billions.

You have to do the very hard work of supporting research and devpt. You support Jkuat and UoN kids until they come up with a competitive phone. Then you beat the competitor like in normal democracies.

Otherwise you ban theirs, they ban yours. And they’ll happily sabotage you through magendo. Hakuna shortcut, ati banning. Ni mjenge yenu kuchapa yao.Na ikue poa kuliko yao.