Rwanda This, Rwanda That

Do you realize that Rwanda is working hard to be like Kenya? I mean, how would someone in their right mind, want Kenya to regress to be like Rwanda? Do you know that it will probably take Rwanda another 20 years, to reach the level of ‘disorder’ Kenya has reached, and then another like 20 years for them to start figuring out a way out of that. I say that because the ‘order’ in Rwanda is artificial, and unnatural. Similar to what we had during mkoloni and Kenyatta I years. Eventually, a nation outgrows it. Things become spontaneous. Disorder reigns, before the nation works out a (truly natural) way out of that disorder. Shukuru God that you were born in Kenya…
Sometimes naskianga bonoboz hapa wakisema they want kenya to be like rwanda and I just have to laugh out aloud.
Rwanda is consciously working hard, day and night to be like Kenya. Kenya is one of the best African countries to live in. I know it is a crazy remark to make, but when you consider everything (relative security, opportunities to hustle, government’s relative respect for the people, transport, education etc), I tell you it is true. Yes, you think that Kenya is insecure, until you get to a nation where there is real insecurity. You think that there are no opportunities in Kenya until you get to a nation where everyone has to work in farms as our parents had to do in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Inaonekana uko majuu. Haujaguzwa na kale ka mini-elnino kanasumbua watu pale Kenya.

I agree when we compare ourselves to lesser countries ni mchezo mingi. Lakini we also want to improve and better ourselves. I am suffering in Kenya sio huko kwingine, so if shit is not working for me I will complain about it.

And as you brag about being a Kenyan living in the top East African Republic, msishangae kuona hata DRC ikiwapita very soon.

And they won’t brag. They will just surpass Kenya and keep going as you drown in corruption and floods.

True. You can tell most people haven’t been to other African countries when they berate Kenya.

Still, we have a ways to go before we can start giving ourselves backpats

Look at Dar es salaam…

Na bado mnajiskia tu ati top dogs.

Its the slow steps that make you get to the top.



Look at Namibia…

Nairobi ndio ilikuwa kusema, not any more.

Wakati utatembea Rwanda ndio utakubali Kenya is Shitty. Hata barabara za kuenda ocha ni smooth with no potholes and working drainage

Kenyans don’t want to be Rwanda ! We just point out what’s working for them and state we want the same, like ease of doing business, maintenance of public infrastructure, public education all the things that were working in Kenya in the 70’s and 80’s until our so called city fathers decided to rape us !
Rwanda can keep it’s lack of democracy ! We have a right to point out what’s working in other nations and ask for the same esp because it was already there!

Rwanda, hata kigali, only the main roads are tarmacked. Barabara za mtaa are dust. So kama vile unaonanga bara bara za eastleight, bara bara za buru, bara bara za kawangware, barabara za kayole etc being tarmacked. In Rwanda there is no such. Hata za kuenda ocha, only the main artery ways are tarmacked. So it is like you find that bara bara ya nairobi to nakuru is tarmacked ‘smooth’, but nakuru to njoro or nakuru to naivasha is not tarmacked. The fellows have a long way to go. Kagame is like governor mutua in machakos, who invests lots of money in some areas to impress outsiders while leaving the less visible area in very bad states.

You see, we were where Rwanda is in the 70s. It is a stage. Then we ‘grew’ out of that stage. We are now in the disorder stage, and we will then have to figure out a natural (as opposed to a dictated/enforced) way out of that disorder. Those developed nations you see in europe etc had to pass through these stages. It so happens that Kenya is slightly ahead of its peers on that path.

what matters ni vile zile mitaa wasee wa kawaida huishi inakaa, na vile inaoperate.

Comparisons should be made vis-a-vis the investments done. I wouldn’t be surprised to find no roads in a country with zero investments in roads. In the same way, I have a right to be outraged when we pay European prices for our roads but end up with third-rate roads.

Yes, I agree, kinshasa seems to be another one that (like nairobi) is coming along very well and in a natural way.

All I’m saying we can cherry pick whats good in other countries and make it work here especially because all this things were working a few years ago !

What you think of as natural change is change brought about by higher standards of living. When poverty increases in a society, the levels of disorder will increase with no end.

Rwanda is a bit unique in that it is hilly and the terrain makes it hard to construct roads, so you will find many people stay near the roads. But one thing you need to give them, any road they construct is well thought out with very good drainage, including those village roads. I have traverse all corners of Rwanda, the cities, towns and villages and I can tell you given that their annual budget is like 300b, less than 10% of Kenyan budget, but they are able to do a lot with that kind of Money. Look at the Kigali arena? I was there in January when they were breaking ground, it is up and running and is on the standards of NBA arenas. Huku kenya we started renovating Nyayo 5 years ago and nothing has come out of it. They still have a long way to go I agree. For example, I am surprised that people who went to school and are in government and the private sector offices cannot speak any other language other than Kinyarwanda, the too much in your face security (though would prefer that to ours where you cant even withdraw money in an ATM in the streets on Nairobi in peace).

How now:rolleyes:

Put it into perspective: rwanda total area is only 26,000 km squared. Kenya is 580,000 square kms. Kenya is 22x bigger than Rwanda, yet its budget is only 10x bigger. So rwanda has a smaller, densely populated area to spread development in. In kenya, you have to make every part feel that it too is in kenya, and you therefore end up spreading yourself too thin.